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  1. https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/photo.php?v=3092131278851&set=o.398639603527662&type=2&theater
  2. Bob when I was a CP in the 776TAS we had a FE that was a riffed Capt (T-38 IP) and a LM that was a civilian T-41 contract instructor -- the both made very good landings :)
  3. Scary but true. When I was a young AC we were tasked into a uncontrolled strip in the Philippines to pick up a 12,000# portable TACAN unit that was being trucked down from the mountain top. NOTAMS stated that the 5,000 ft runway was being extended to 9,600 ft and to monitor a Wx radio frequency on the field. Off we go. Getting close we make a in the blind radio call on the Wx freq. and get a reply from a Filipino voice stating 500 meters, 500 meters. The Wx was clear blue skies with just some scattered puffy clouds. Wondering what the hell he was talking about we continue inbound for a
  4. If it was just a few we loaded from the Crew Entrance Door for gaggles the ramp. Don't ever recall loading from the Paratroop Doors. Once in Nam we loaded V-Nav troops all the way up to FS 245 then closed the ramp and door they scurried up into the smallest of places and we loaded the rest in the crew door. Everyone was bellybutton to asshole and we must have had 6 on the top & bottom bunks and still had 20 standing on the flt deck. When we offloaded in DaNang a freedom bird crew said it looked like the circus clowns unloading from a VW bug -- they just kept getting out and out and out
  5. The Combat Talons were redesignated by Headquarters USAF early 1977 to MC -- they were previously designated C-130E(I) STAR, after MOD-70 there were three designations C-130E©-Clamp for STAR, C-130E(Y)-Yank for PACAF non-STAR, C-130E(S)-Swamp non STAR 64-0571 & 2.
  6. When the Talons were UARRSI modified we kept the same external tanks
  7. Sam when I was assigned to Talons in 1977 they were MC's and not true that the only STAR (Fulton) missions flow were training.
  8. http://www.theridehome.com/ This site The Ride Home is honoring all former Prisoners of War and remembering those still Missing In Action. This is a great organization and could use your help in honoring these POW & MIA's. If you would be interested in being a sponsor or just make a donation to help host a POW or know of a POW or POW family check out there web page. Just getting the word out to everyone you know will help. Thanks Also, they have an urgent need if you can help. Hi Skip! Need some help (again). I have a contributor in Alaska who is prepared to donate two Harley Davids
  9. Maxwell AFB has the archived history of every Sq. Some are quite detailed the others just cover the basics. But that would be a place to start.
  10. Whow!!!! it seems like only yesterday I was on the Crew Station Working Group for the Combat Talon II -- MC-130H and now they are getting the J.
  11. All is Camp Williams in your TAD? That is where -- if memory serves me right -- is where we too from the NVA POWs from Tiger Island to for there release. If so could you add it to the list. Thanks Skip
  12. Bob When I was at HRT we used them for pilot pro's, Nav trainers and pilot Inst/proficieny checkrides. There was the ocasional airlift and trash haul mission also. Back then that was the main justification in getting them as they are cheaper to operate than a Gunship or Talon for those missions. Skip
  13. Yep that was me -- left all but min crew there to go home with Thigpen -- I remember before we were to taxi up the FARRP crew hadn't got there stuff on board and I told the load to tell them to leave it and stay with it or get abord and go with me. As it turned out they wouldn't have had to walk back if they had stayed :)
  14. Have any of you heard of this DBIDS thing? Seems everyone is supposed to get fingerprinted and their ID cards scanned and if not done we will no longer have access to the base. I was not notified of this nor were many other retirees. I happened across an old friend today who told me about it and I guess I will have to go wait in line for hours tomorrow to get this done. DBIDS supposedly stands for “ Defense Biometrics Identification System Implementation." If you know about this tell me what it is for and about. Thanks
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