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    I am an aspiring writer who is in the midst of writing a novel that involves C-130's. I know next to nothing about planes but they are central to the story. I was wondering if I would be able to post some basic questions here so I dont put in something totally wrong. This is a work of fiction but nevertheless I want to be sure I dont put in something obviously incorrect.
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  1. Sorry, now I get your meaning on context. Yes they are being chased. They are trying to make a quick getaway and a convoy of cars approach them block the main runway. They turn off this main runway and start heading to an alternate runway but one that is much shorter and normally would not be long enough for thier normal take off. So they must hit this shorter runway at fairly high speed so they can have enough room to liftoff. This is totally contrived but can make for an exciting (though perhaps not very realistic) scene. Still this is fiction... I think any reasonable range of the speed for take off would be fine for my purposes. Thanks, you guys are the best!
  2. The plane does not have a payload. Only a skeleton crew and the conditions are normal (low wind etc.). Is that enough? I currently have it talking off at 200 mph but that is a wild guess. Thanks for any information you can give.
  3. I have been looking for the average speed a C-130 needs to be going for take off. I see lots of information on how it can take off and land on short fields but cant find how fast it needs to be going to liftoff. I dont need to be exact just a general range. I am writing a piece of fiction and there is a scene where a C-130 is taking off and speed is part of the story. I just dont want to put something in there that is obviously wrong. Thanks Julio
  4. I am the person who posted the question. First of all you guys are extremely knowlegeable about the topic and secondly - you are a riot. Funny stuff. Thanks for the info, I will take a little literary license and have two pilots fly the plane. As for why I am writing an novel that includes something I know nothing about -- its needed to make the story work. Its about a wealthy businessman who develops a substance that weakens hurricanes when dropped along the eyewall of a storm. It makes for some good action scenes as he flies through the hurricane, which is why I chose the C-130 since I understand it is/was used by the Hurricane Hunters of the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron of the Air Force Reserves to monitor the storms. The working title is "Eyewall" and I hope to complete the novel by the end of the year. If you want to read the work in process just google "Julio Pinera Eyewall" and tell me what you think. When I am done I will have someone with some flying knowledge give it a read for reasonableness (like a techincal advisor). Thanks again, I hope you will let me come back from time to time and ask some questions. Regards Julio
  5. Thanks for the information and the quick response, its a big help. I wanted to keep the crew size down to two and the other person would be a pilot.
  6. I am an aspiring writer and am in the middle of a novel where C-130's play a part. I know next to nothing about C-130's not to mention flying in general. I see this is a very technically oriented site so my questions will extermely basic. Can a two person team fly a C-130 if the only mission is to fly the plane. No payload. Would a pilot and navigator be enough? Could one person fly the plane in an emergency? Thanks for any information you could provide. Julio
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