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  1. The prop assy was changed (prop, valve housing and pump housing). I interigated the flying crew once again, and they are 100% that the prop was in reverse thrust. Prop tests done on the static test rig showed that the Pitch Lock Regulator and the Low Pitch Stop are both serviceable and that the hydraulic pressures readings are exactly as those mentioned in the Hamilton manual. We'll start with the valve and pump housing tests today.
  2. We have checked all cables directly after incident, no damaged/broken ones found and all tensions seemed to be 100%. Aircraft was ground runned after incident (without any settings made to aircraft or prop) and technical crew reported that everything was OK. Prop went into reverse only when commanded too. The strange thing here is that the flying crew thought initially (when taxing) that the Pitch Lock Regular has hung up and therefore pushed the throttle levers from Ground Idle to Flight Idle. As they did that the engine oil temperature and the prop revs went up. Torque stuck at 4,500 inch pounds. They looked outside and saw that the prop (#2) was in reverse. Flying crew refused to accept the aircraft even after the ground runs and rigging checks have been done and everything confirmed as serviceable. A propeller was exchanged and the aircraft took-off. To date that same aircraft has been checked, twice for cable tensions and rigging, and has been run on ground profusely to establish if the "snag" don't recur. No signs yet. (Aircraft has done about 6 hours of ground runs before the snag occurred the first time during the pre-take-off taxi.)
  3. We had an incident where one of the propellers on an aircraft went into an uncommanded reverse. Has anyone experienced this? It is the first time in (our) history that something like this has happened. It is still under investigation and is of huge concern to us because this incident happened on a pre-take-off run. Any suggestions/help will be appreciated!
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