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Aero Precision provides OEM part support for military aircraft operators across more than 20 aircraft


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    C130 loady with 36TAS from July 70 to Feb74. Retired Fire Department captain. Most spare time spent playin' the fiddle and working on 18th century re-enacting. married to same lady since 1972, and have one daughter.
    I was a fire instructor for the University of Maryland for 25 years, and for the West Virginia University for 22. I was a paramedic, a search and recovery diver, and leader of the department confined space rescue team.
    I attended several colleges in a variety of disciplines and finally completed a bachelor's degree in May, 2004 from Fairmont State University.
    My wife and I own a small business that specializes in 18th century children's' clothing and wood items such chairs, boxes, tape looms, and candle lanterns. She does demonstrations of various subjects related to kids clothing and child rearing in the mid 18th century and I do a personna of an 18th century surveyor.
    I, at one time, was pursuing my private pilot's license until insurance and money issues came up.
    I am most proud of my military service and am a proud charter member of Vietnam veterans chapter 172, and an active member of the chapter color guard. WELCOME HOME!!!!!

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    Western Maryland
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