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  1. Hey, Ken, glad to hear the gear struts are workin' well. Somewhere along the line here Ol' Tinwhistle is celebratin' an anniversary of his birth, I think....... Load clear Giz
  2. How are things, Sparks.....email me at hoem when you get the chance
  3. Ain't just you.............................
  4. gizzard

    RC 130

    Naw, he thinks they ought to be SILVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't know what the poor man's hang up is!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Giz
  5. No, we will be providing 18th century education, information and entertainment to the public at the Museum of the American Frontier, in Staunton, Va.. Reckon y'all will have to carry on without us this year................. Giz
  6. Yeah, but she still has that damn quacker!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hey, troops, the world renowned Giz is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just had to say about this....sometimes I would have a pax ask what that was back there, cause they could see the rods moving. I would tell them that it was our tail guns, in search mode. Never once did anyone ask why the bores were visible instead of the receivers.................... My wife and I went to Wisconsin to visit Tinwhistle in June. What a trip!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYBODY should go..........................TNX, TW, we really had a grand time.. load clear Giz
  8. Same thing happenin' to me and I am usin' firefox
  9. Yep, believe me, the travel vouchers are the best thing you can have. Just because you were awarded a VSM, does not immediately fill that requirement. BUFF crews got the VSM and never put a foot on VN soil. I think that that should be expanded to"wheels on the ground", too. because suppose a flight crew brought a plane to somewhere in country for a one-time quick offload, the only members of the crew who got off were the loady and crew chief.......but ALL would qualify for the VSM, there is no time requirement, no location requirement, the personnel workin' in Thailand, Guam, Okinawa,on ships at sea, all were eligible for it if they participated in any way in support of the war. The VN Campaign medal required six months service, I'm not sure of the locations, etc.
  10. Have you all seen the pictures of the slimeballs, mainly of the Wisconsin army National Guard, supposedly, havin' fun and games with a flag-draped casket????? Now the casket is supposed to be empty, and all, but still......Google the thing and see what you see and read. I for one think it is a disgrace...................
  11. Ya know, what bothers me about all this is simply, if these troops require the chairs, the ramps, and all that, and if they are legitimately injured in the line of duty, then why the hell does there even have to be organizations, setting themselves up as tax-free non-profits and so on, with large corporate structures, to provide them???? Why the hell does our government that put them in their situation take care of it????? Oh, yeah, forgot..... VA!!!! BUT the government can hand out cell phones, free food.,cars, heat, you name it to people who never turned their hand at anything in their lives, but put the bone to our troops???? I don't get it!!!!!!!
  12. You have a point, to some degree, Sonnie, but when you mention you are from Western Maryland, the flatlanders down there say " oh, you're from FREDERICK!!!!!!!!" and look at the way they gerrymandered our congressional district to include areas of the state that have nothing in common with us in regards to income, race, education, job opportunities, transportation, or culture, just so they could cancel out what conservative votes we had. Good old OWE-Malley and his cronies can be thanked for that. The state put three prisons up here, one really a Super-Max which was promised never to be here, and, immediately afterward came the crime, the drugs, and increased welfare.......Ain't the same as when Larry and TW were truckin' through here, that's for sure. now they barkin' down in Annapolis about coal generation surcharges and rescinding the coal credit tax, and some ridiculous paper production "black liquor" standard that will, if passed, kill two of the last major industries left here.......We must SECEDE to SUCCEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. No we just spray paint them black now......... I'd like it better if we were a separate state,,,,,,, the eastern part only thinks of us as a revenue source, anyway.
  14. Since this is my home newspaper, such as it is, I would believe this was a HEADLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Did different wings have different equipment lists???? TW, you may be the best to answer this, when I was in basic survival at Fairchld, in december 70, one of the troops in my squad was an FE from Pope. He insisted that the POB birds had seat pack type survival kits in the racks, and that they were attached to the chutes before bailout. I told him that the 316th birds only had chutes and the racks held the survival suits. And I did not think our chutes could even accept the seat packs. Oh no he insisted the planes are all the same............Any thoughts????
  16. Yep, it was guys like you that allowed me to have the best job of my life, and come home every time from it. Thanks!!!!!!
  17. Hey Ken, do you have a copy of your BCFYA-1234 ( Birth certificate from Years Ago)? That usually has your time of delivery on it.
  18. The paperwork may have been lost in the Great London fire of 1666!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. I did not know that about the nose gear doors. Always thought that the arrangement on the E's was peculiar in the fact that it seems to introduce a lot of drag at a critical point in the take-off phase. Was that really any issue??
  20. Yep, that's where I remember them being. tied up with the center seat stanchions.........What I can't remember was if they were a checklist item????
  21. He says that about everyone, Ken!!!!!!!!!! Have a happy birthday anniversary..... many more to ya Giz
  22. You know, it may not be anything that is illegal, in poor taste, yes, and this fellow was there the same time my dad was in the aleutians, but maybe a call to your local FBI office would be in order. I am speakin' without any real authority, but that would be my course, if nothing more than just trying to keep the honor and memory of this soldier from being tarnished.
  23. Happy birthday, brother, save some of the cake for JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Giz and E
  24. $718???????????????????? Any wonder our government is goin' broke???
  25. I think my wife would fit on this!!!!!!!!!! We had to get a big stretcher for our ambulance, just too many back injuries trying to haul giant people around, the technical name was a bariatric cot, but we called it a Shamu cot, for obvious reasons....
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