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  1. i feel like keeping them all the same would be more helpful and less confusing. we're supposed to treat everything in reference to the aircraft, and so when i look aft at the empannage, I see port on my right and starboard on my left. and the rudder boost package is pretty far back there as well, far enough we can reasonably assume we'd be looking aft of the aircraft. And it is not reversed. I'd still like to find an official source and if I find it I will share with you all.
  2. Thanks guys, I was wondering where one would find that explanation in an official capacity. people here are saying it's odd they would design it that way, because sure it makes sense it needs to be upside down if its in the way, but the hydraulic lines could've been designed around that requirement, so that all packages were utility left booster right for the sake of uniformity. either way a legitimate reference to the details would be amazing.
  3. We had an issue with engine 3 one time, an issue with the pressure that they couldnt explain, so they started with 4, then 3, then like normal. I'm sure not all order's would work but this one met our needs at the time
  4. Hi everyone, I've been trying to figure out why the elevator boost system is reversed, compared to the aileron/rudder assemblies. I've heard theories, and have looked into the NATOPS, and the lockheed manuals, sorry airforce I dont know your books too well, but I'm looking for a pub or something official saying why. I have heard that the elevator boost assembly was simply designed to be installed upside down, which I guess makes sense. But I have also heard that it was put in that way to prevent confusion since if you're inspecting it, you'd have to face aft and therefore get the filters (for example) confused. I find this hard to believe, but any help would be greatly appreciated
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