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    restoring a 1956 DKW 250 RT 250s


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    Born in the PI.

    Lived in the PI, then CCK, then PI, now US.

    We moved from CCK to the PI via herk. If you were the crew, I was the baby girl in the plastic wash tub.

    Father was in 55th Wea Recon. Sq., then to the 605 TCSof then AGE for 374 FMS. Then retired and worked for Lockheed in Saudi. Then retired to the PI.
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  1. Right? Everyones “copy paste share” status will die with me. Please put this as your status if you know someone who has been eaten by dragons. Dragons are nearly unstoppable and, in case you didn't know, they can breathe fire. 93% of people won't copy and paste this, because they have been eaten by dragons. The other 7% of people are sitting in the shower armed with fire extinguishers and will (hopefully) put this as their status.
  2. If only that was on the ASVAB. 😂 I remember taking the ASVAB in high school. When I turned it in, the recruiter guy or whoever the military guy was, did not think I was funny when he asked “Do you have any questions?” And I replied “What if I am driving a car at the speed of light, and I turn on the radio?” While the guy next to him was stifling his laugh.
  3. My dad was with 374FMS. He went from Clark to CCK then back to Clark.
  4. I guess I type too slow in the editor it locked me out. as I was saying I might also be able to help. I have a file of my father’s orders. I do recall a few TDY orders with names on them. Keep in mind though, I provided them, (even the letter showing he received HF pay and the CZ exemption) and he was still denied his AO claim.
  5. Been a long time. I just popped back in. Could not access my account and kept coming back to check on it. Sometime during the switch over, the text got all gobbledygook and my username now has characters I can’t even find on the keyboard. So I guess that was probably why I couldn’t access it. Last I posted was five years ago, when my dad passed, and I left you all that important message about getting checked for prostrate cancer. It was hard for me, still is. It was also around the time Dan (on the forum) had passed away. That hit me as well. George Malone (member here and former load
  6. Hi. I haven't been around in a while. My father passed away in the PI last Friday. Don't know how many people here knew him. We (myself, and another daughter) had spent the last few years of his life fighting with the VA to get him disability for Agent Orange. During this time, he had been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. The cancer had spread to his testicles and then earlier this year, his spine. He was proud and stubborn. Had he not been so stubborn, he probably would have had another year or two. When it spread to his testicles, he refused to have them removed, or any sort of treatments,
  7. Yes. I have slept in a C130. It was from CCK to Clark. In a plastic washtub. I was a baby back then. This would have been 71/72. There is a joke in there about a load being secure - but I don't have it.
  8. Just received word that George had passed on September 3rd. George was my godfather. The Spectre Association posted a brief obit. "Retired Air Force Colonel George F. Shipp of Gladys, passed away Wednesday, September 3, 2014, in his daughter's home in Fayetteville. He was born on January 14, 1941, in Concord, Massachusetts, to the late Frederick E. Shipp and Genevieve Shipp. During his 28 years of service in the Air Force as a pilot, he completed three Southeast Asia tours and commanded the 16SOS, AC-130 Spectre squadron. He was preceded in death by his wife, Eleanor J. Shipp. He is surviv
  9. First - I'm going to provide a link. I have intentionally broken it, so the seller won't see analytics coming from here and then maybe pull the listing. Etsy is like a fancy pants eBay. People mostly sell hand made items. But there are people who sell ephemera, so hipsters can decorate their home like an 80s era Chilis. I usually scour it for items that could be illegal. Today I found this https://www.etsy.com/listing/150522303/ vintage-ww2-document-ros-206th-us-army?ref=related-4 I broke the link after the final backslash Granted that this soldier may already be dead. But identit
  10. My dad was working at Lockheed during that time. I can ask.
  11. I missed Christmas wishes to you all. Here's to everyone having a better, happier, and healthier new year.
  12. Yes. That is far more attractive than a pair of steel bull balls.
  13. Finally was able to reach my dad. He said it was no big thing. It was like Irma in 74. Which took the roof off the house. Which was a 4. He said if you lived in Manila and north, it was just really windy and felt like a regular typhoon. Neighbors GI sheeting in your yard. Floods. Knee deep water at the bar. Same old. But down south is more of a mess than it was before the typhoon hit. If you are trying to reach friends or family, try facebook.
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