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    AFSC-ASD JC-131B CC & FM, worked on various recips including C-121, and packed a C-130A fuel tanks in '69. Probably the first test (WPAFB) , 483rd OMS C-7A (CRB, RVN), 2754(?) CLSS B-52/C-5A/T-37/T-38 depot and RAM team, also F-5A pack up in Iran in '72 to ship to RVN (KAFB, TX), 2750 LSQ VC-118A CC & FM, VT-29B/C/D FM (WPAFB), 32 TAS FE (LRF), 16 TATS IFE (LRF), 6594th TG FE (HAFB), 16 TATS IFE (LRF), 17th TAS IFE/SEFE (EDF).

    While at Kelly, 2 sheet metal guys and me (I was a recip APG) were sent to Laughlin AFB to repair a T-38 that had hand-grenaded it's engines and boat-tail on takeoff and had been sitting on the ground for a year. We were told to get it flying. Cleaned it out from firewall back. I rebuilt the systems from firewall on and sheetmetal guys fixed the structure. We removed the shredded vertical stab and replaced it with one from the base boneyard. We were told that that was the first time that had ever been done. Finally got it back airborne. Only problem was that it needed a little rudder trim. They "shot" it and couldn't find anything wrong until they performed a closer inspection and found a fuel vent on the aft edge of the tail slightly bent. Straightened it out and flew like a champ. Got a thank you and that was it. A month TDY to Laughlin was sure as hell worth more than that!

    Also while at Kelly, in '72, was sent on a no-notice TDY in a C-5A, without knowing where to. Landed in Iran on an Iran AFB. We removed the wings from the Shaw's F-5A fighters and boxed them up for shipment to RVN. Spent 9 days there, working 12 hour days to get the job done. Other than work nothing else to do. Couldn't go anywhere except for the IAF Officer's Club to eat, drink, and use the snooker table. All of us went from constipation to the runs and back the whole time there. Might have been the food or the Tuborg beer! Taking pills for the constipation and then pills for the runs. Flew home of a C-141. Their latrine sure got a lot of work from all of us.

    While in the 16th TATS completed the FE Performance School in '79 as part of the initial cadre of 34 C-130 Instructor FE's to certify the school for C-130 FE's (had to use the frigging slide-rule to boot). Was part of the 7 man IFE crew from LRF that went to the school that was tasked to consolidate the 8 week course into a 2 week course to be taught to Herc FEs so they'd be up to speed with the "C" guys. Took us a year working on the project in between flying, TDYs, etc., to get it done, books, etc., printed, and start teaching it.

    Was part of 4 crews sent to pick up DC-130E and bring them back to LRF to be used as PP birds. Told not to screw with the fuel transfer system on the way to LRF. Took some of the fun out of it! Still modded as DCs but we flew them on PPs.
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    Anchorage, AK
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    Technical Service Group Technician

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  1. My thoughts. When I first started on recips years ago, I asked an old line chief about the start procedure. Which happened to be on C-131Bs with the crew door on the LH sde. Anyway. First start the engines on the side opposite the entrance door. That was in the evert of a stack fire, etc, the passengers, crew, etc., had a safer exit to leave.
  2. I was at the VA Clinic on JBER the other day and they had a vender displaying wares like they usually do. Some pretty neat pictures and I'm prertty sure that they could do custom work as well. I just picked this one up as an example. It doesn't rotate like you might expect it to but it just sits there and gives you different looks at the 2 different pictures, I "liked" them on my facebook page so so you don't have to like to them.
  3. Not if I've ever seen such and animal. Maybe have but just don't remember. Without an AC source of power couldn't do much of a preflight., other than the visual, and whatever DC parts. No surer I've even check the inverters. Just get everything done up to starting engines. Inverteres ON during start, then OFF once an indication of start and engine rolling up. Seems odd not having any AC power for start.
  4. Ah, the days. Been a lot of years and can't remember everything. But I'm not too sure about the 17th and wind stuff. It was during Brim Frost '85. If I remember correctly, high cross wind, light GW, icy runway. Should have aborted the approach, but AC wanted to get in to pickup some Alaska Scouts and bring home. Recovered bird to parking ramp area for decision. AF was going to write it off but Lockheed said they could fix it for $6 mil, while a new one was $16 mil. Forgive an old memory. So they replaced some engines and props, and outer wing I believe, bolted down the gear and off they went.
  5. Argentine Aircraft TC 64, TC 61, TC 66, TC 100
  6. The 175K was for Emergency War Planning or whenever the head shed decided that a mission was deemed a high enough priority to warrant the additional hazard. During the Guatamalia Earthquake relief we had and E model and we were told to load up with max aircraft fuel and max fuel bladders in the back and get them to the relief center in Mexico. Filled up with fuel at Kelly then struggled our way into air heading south. Don't remember what we weighed, but we were heavy, 80K OW, 63K fuel, and max fuel in the bladders. There were no higher "combat weights." Just the 175K as deemed by the head shed when needed.
  7. With the difference in part numbers and LAC numbers you can never be sure. There must be some kind of difference since there's a small difference in the numbers. Might be better just to ask Lockheed for an explanation.
  8. Not sure about using the Fulton system to recover the satillites. Not to sure where the parachute would end up going or where it might catch on the plane. Lots of antennas there to get hung up on.
  9. Welcome home to all that served there.
  10. Maybe to limit the speed at which the NG hits the uplock? Seems that the MLG has a reduction in speed for the last few moments, 3/4"?
  11. "Hey eng, go back and check the gear. What, wait, f**k." "Hey nav go back and help the LM with tying down the gear. What, wait, f**k." :cool:
  12. "A defective glad nut failed and was part of a refurbished strut assembly. Failure occured on takeoff from Red Devil Dirt LZ in CO. Crash Landed it at Colorado Springs in April 2011. Here is what she looked like after that takeoff from the LZ."
  13. Just put 2 images in my gallery of a J model where the gear came apart after takeoff. Just hanging there. Oops.
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