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  1. Nice APN-59 Barrel!! Replacing that freekin thing SUKED!!! Replacing the cannonplug SUKED MORE!!!!
  2. A few questions to narrow the task: What model aircraft? Inop as in: (a) never turns ON stays cold (watch the pressurization system climb/descent gauge) (b) gets HOT then turns off (c) other manifestation?
  3. What ICS system do you have? The following info is for the AIC-14 system... Change the P and CP AMP selected from Norm to Alt 1 or Alt 2 Also inside the ICS and Radio select boxes there is a jumper to "change the function of the box (same box two functions) make sure the jumper it tight (remove clean contacts and reinsert jumper) If there is a problem with the ICS the boxes will change to a sort of "Hot Mic" function connecting the P and CP ICS
  4. From what I remember the difference in location changes the airflow around/through the boundary layer and it is more of a pickup /interpretation difference but if you are so inclined you can go through the performance charts and determine it there is a TAS difference.
  5. Too many to list... obvious difference, 4 tubes in the Rosemount vs only 2 in the non. The systems the tubes attach to are all different. FYI, ONE VERY IMPORTANT aspect is the performance charts are different for the two systems; if you use the wrong chart for calculating your TOLD data you will have incorrect numbers.
  6. Sounds like a bad GCP: internal (PIR) or internal TR... Make sure your GCP is the same manufacture as your generator; ALSO make sure the GCP is fully seated in the rack and might want to "adjust it" with a quick hit/rap/ wack to get all the connections to make good contact. SWAP with one of your Eng Gen CGPs to be sure.
  7. NOT a lot of info tto work with but IF the ground returns are only on one side of the display your ANT gyro stabilization is probably bad
  8. You may need to have FLASH available for these animations to work (I think) GenDisc.exe GenDisc TEST.exe
  9. The "fusible" plug (link) is the part that holds the spring compressed and the hardened plunger retracted. The test circuit is a lower amperage (7.5A if I remember correctly) and the disconnect power is 20 or 25A. IF you hold the test "too long" you an heat up the fusible link and release the disconnect plunger gendiscon.bmp
  10. Read the FARs or ICAO for your situation
  11. You need to be more specific. Which part of the fuel system are you asking about?
  12. Question #1: No idea on GPM @ 3000 rpm between 6 and 12 is all I got on that... Question #2: Just assume that aircraft hydraulic utility system ,when No 1 EDP pressure is 3000 psi and No.2 EDP pump pressure 3100 psi how the pressure act passes thru passage of single pipe after isolation check valves ? The 3000 PSI pump will be at zero flow because the pump compensator (set at 3000) is satisfied with the pressure. The isolation check valve for this pump will be closed due to the 3100PSI being applied to the check valve preventing it from opening. The 3100 PSI output pump (compensator is set incorrectly) will displace fluid to maintain 3100 PSI, it's isolation check valve will be open and the system pressure gauges will read 3100. As hydraulics are used the pressure will drop and the 3000 PSI pump will be allowed to help out but only until the 3100 PSI pump builds its pressure back to 3100, then the 3000 pump will again go to zero flow condition.
  13. ALSO FYI; The flight station mounted bleed air gauge reads 6 PSI lower than actual pressure. Add 6 to the indicated pressure for actual pressure being supplied.
  14. The orange boot is covering the connection to the main bleed air duct. Would need your model AC to get the actual part we are looking at.
  15. I agree it should not actually be able to engage but the fact it will be "disengaged" does not mean it will not try to engage as it spins up nor that it will spin up to max rotation speed "unladen" and disintegrate causing damage to the engine.
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