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  1. Sir can you give me any manual reference regarding greasing of those bearing. I think we missed this part.
  2. Sometimes Generator voltage travels from 120 to 125V, again comes back to 120V after 15-20minutes of flying. It is not fluctuations but slow travelling. Is there anything to worry about? Frequency always remains same, that is 400cps.
  3. Sir i was the student of urs in a Type maintenance course in pakistan.. hope you remember. Sir apart from generator, what else i can check for such kind of failure. Like you said RGB vibration. Though i am not clear how to check the RGB vibration.
  4. Sir what are the reasons and indications available for this type of problem? How to determine RGB vibration? How can i check if some other thing causing failure of generator bearing?
  5. Hellow friends and brothers i just wanted to know what are the reasons behind the generator shaft bearing(only front) failure in C-130B ac with T56-A-7B engine.
  6. Thank you sir.. we have replaced the antenna and it worked. But new problem is that for some specific heading TCAS became Fail or not available. Is this means the antenna is faulty?
  7. Peace be upon you hello brothers of C-130 family I am working on C-130B ac. We are having a problem in the landing gear system. The problem nature is described below: Problem: Our right landing gear retraction and extraction time varies significantly in each operation. A few days retraction time (up time) were fol in each sorties 1st= 15sec 2nd= 17sec 3rd= 19 sec 4th = 24 sec 5th = 21 sec in all the above case nose timing was approx 13 sec and left took 16 sec approx. There is no significant change in the left and nose landing gear. Ho
  8. Hello brother peace be upon you. i am presently working in C-130B ac. For last few days, we are badly facing lots of problem regarding TCAS system. We couldn’t find the solution till now. Therefore, i thought to ask for the expert opinions in this forum. Problem : In Tcas system in flight, the traffic positioned in above, maximum time shows opposite direction incl its distance, for few days we are also didn’t found traffic in specific headings. Today for instance, one single traffic showed in 3 position. We have changed the TCAS processor but problem remained same.
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