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  1. How often do you completely drain and fill struts? And do you use hydro mite?
  2. What could be causing a slow moving utility gauge. Pressure reads fine on aux pump, normal and emergency gauge. Just utility gauge shows hesitation. Transmitter and gauge have been replaced. Could it be the util accumulator? Thanks for the help.
  3. Pulled and tested all brake shuttle valves. One was leaking pretty bad from emergency to normal. Hoping that was it! thanks for the help guys.
  4. I’ve been leaning into that conclusion too. I’ve been informed they don’t do that. We’ll see what I find. Keep it updated.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. It is a 92 h model. Since my post I have replaced normal selector valve, utility accumulator and ground test valve. Still having issues. Looking into emergency selector valve and shuttle valve During flight of 8 hours its transferring 2 quarts from aux to utility.
  6. Question for you guys. I have a c130h transferring fluid from the aux system to the utility system. Ive replaced the Ground test valve and the utility system accumulator (which had a leak internally). Neither of those parts solved it and it is still happening. Thoughts on where to go from here?
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