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  1. Hye guys. Looks like im having some trouble regard my fuel gov and pitch lock cx. The propeller was not overshoot to 103.5% or even more when fuel gov switch been actuated. From that, for sure propeller will not pitch lock. Engine parameters during take off power and fuel gov switch actuated was as below : TQ : 17K RPM : 99.6% TIT : 1078 FF : 2.2 Rectification been carried out as below: 1. FCU worm shaft adjusted (increase almost 6 turns) 2. Synchrophaser replacement 3. Pitch lock regulator and packing replaced. 4. FCU replaced. yet, all those thing been carried out. However, the RPM still not overspeeding during actuating fuel gov switch upon fuel gov and pitch lock cx. Please help me my fellows
  2. *DEFECT* 1. Utility hydraulic pressure drop to below 1000 psi and both low pressure warning light illuminate when either No 1 or No 2 EDP select to off. *CURRENT SYMPTOM* Pressure in LSGI (either No 1 or 2 Engine) : 2300 psi Pressure in NSGI (either No 1 or 2 Engine) : 2800 psi Elevator utility boost pack OFF : 2900 psi *COMPONENT REPLACED* - No 2 EDP✅ - No 2 hydraulic shutoff valve✅ - No 2 drybay snubber✅ - Utility Main filter✅ - Utility Drain filter✅ - Pressure relief valve ✅ - Utility transmitter snubber✅ - Nine port valve ✅ - MLG selector valve ✅ - Hydraulic pump motor ✅ - Shuttle valve ✅ - Hydraulic controlable restrictor✅ - Port MLG Manual gearbox✅ - Rudder pressure diverter✅ - Normal brake selector valve✅ - Pressure reducer valve ✅ - Brake selector one way check valve✅ - Elevator boost pack one way cx valve✅ - Vent filter✅ - Wing flap one way check valve✅ - Hydraulic restrictor✅ PLEASE HELP ME IN SOLVING THIS PROBLEM. ALMOST ALL UTILITY COMPONENT BEEN REPLACED. PLEASE DO SHARE THE IDEA IF THERE IS ANY OTHER POSSIBLE COMPONENT TO BE REPLACED.
  3. Underfloor heat inoperative Underfloor heat thermostat plug remove install. Underfloor heat switch replacement. Swtch toggle replace Corrosion treatment temp cont valve Thermostat replacement Temp cont valve replacement Replacement underfloor heat Wire No H230A20N repair Terminal 15 at TB42L retighten Thermostat replacement Temp cont valve replacement Shut off valve interlock relay replacement. Underfloor heat replacement hello guys, need an opinion to solve this recurring defect. Is there any other step should be done to solve this issue?
  4. will the T plunger will broken once initiated sir? i meant, the hardened steel plunger was found released. however, i did not know where is the exact location of the fusible plug mentioned in my manual. how is it melt and how is it released the plunger by melting the fusible plug??
  5. Advise, sir. Did u know how or what are the things that cam cause the plunger mushroom to break as its natural working operation shouldnt be like that sir.
  6. Hye guys. I really need help. I had an experienced on this issue. Mine generator disc indicator on the overhead panel not illuminate during test. Before test, my aircraft do experience generator out light and failed bearing light illuminate in flight. Pilot tried to disconnect the generator with the gearbox using generator disconnect system, however the indivator didnt illuminate and it forced pilot to shutdown #3 engine to avoid catastrophic mechanical failure. On the rectification after the flight, it found that the generator had broken with shaft do also broken. From my understanding, failed bearing light is due to mechanicle failure or maybe due to the broken of the generator. However, im still confuse that my gen disc indicator not illuminate during test after replacing generator, VR and GCP. When further rectification on gen disc assy, i did found spring loaded hardened pluger of gen disc assy was broken. Once replacing the plunger, gen disc test light illuminate. Can someone please explain to me?
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