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  1. The white puff of smoke it appears to be something on the ground on the opposite side of the runway. You can see something bright white prior to the plane rolling past that spot. Also from this video, which I have watched numerous time could this be a no flap takeoff? This is another video that has been posted from a nearby Truck Lease company. Video from 2 different camera angles. In the 2nd video the perspective appears to show it in a pretty good side slip until it finally begins an apparent stall entry. I've heard reports they had called back to Ops there with an IFE and wer
  2. This is the first time I had seen the designation of TC-130. However looking at this aircraft history is used to be a C-130G which was the Navy TACAMO which was the EC-130G. Sometime around May 90 it was converted again after extensive Depot where it became redesignated as a TC-130. Looks to be an early E model(Navy R1?) Originally a 64 model?
  3. Guess there's a new movie coming out about the IAF raid. I was curious whether these IAF C-130s were -7 or 15 equipped. I know they were E-models but in doing some Google searches I had read something about newer engines. Unsure though. The raid happened in 76 so they "could" have re-engined some of their Hercs. Also I know some of these Hercs were VERY heavy. Am I remembering correctly that some may have exceeded 200k for takeoff?
  4. It is my understanding that the Navy T models have also been grounded. Total somewhere around 23 Hercs. Trying to find that article that mentioned that.
  5. After reading the previous incident with the deployed life raft I'm guessing this crash "might" be from the same thing. Just a guess however. At least that seems the most plausible at the moment. Still unsure how the flight deck could become separated. Severe yaw causes the wing to sling an engine and/or prop which slices into the fuselage? In any case looks like the Marines have grounded the remaining "T" models in the interim.
  6. Guess I was not aware there were Center Wing Box options from the factory. Interesting!
  7. J models already getting new wing boxes?
  8. Looks like it was a "J" https://news.usni.org/2017/07/10/marine-corps-kc-130j-crashes-mississippi-local-press-reports-least-5-fatalities
  9. Looks like it was a KC-130 but not sure which model. Here is a link to a news article with a helicopter overhead making video. Looks like they went straight in. You can see the ground damage by the wings looks like. http://www.wftv.com/news/trending-now/report-army-c-130-crashes-in-mississippi-4-dead/555745139
  10. We launched as a two-ship formation of C-130Js, taking off into the night well after the darkness had fallen. Maintaining an altitude of 500 feet above the desert terrain we continuously updated our position to remain clear of Egyptian airspace and the Jordanian buffer region. Our aircraft dusted off the sand dunes in the lower Sinai region as we slowed down, descended, and airdropped supplies to our Israeli partners on the ground. Then came our approach to the Dead Sea. We launched as a two-ship formation of C-130Js, taking off into the night well after the darkness had fallen. Main
  11. Saw an article posted in the Montgomery Advertiser saying Niagara's Hercs going to replace the ones at Montgomery. The 908ths going to Boneyard. Isn't the 908th currently flying H2s? Niagara used to fly early model H3s but I'm not sure what they have now. http://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/story/news/local/dispatch/2017/01/12/first-8-new-aircraft-land-908th-airlift-wing-tonight/96486452/
  12. FYI in regards to the Pope heavy equip crash are y'all sure the load that went aft fell out? I thought he was killed when the load shifted after ground impact.
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    Boy I remember when 14859 went through PDM at Robins in 2001. It got the SCNS mod and the Auto-Pilot mod installed. When it showed up for us to fly it that's when the issues began. I've still got the old emails between the 339th and the SPO/LU/LB and others trying to figure out what -1 and 1-1 data to use to fly this thing. Talk about Frankenherc. lol The new auto-pilot was hooked up to the wrong Pitot static system. And then there was an issue about with SCNS OFP should be installed. Here is a quote from one of the emails: They(the 16th) were operating on an outdate
  14. Not heard of this. But if I remember correctly the J had some weird stall characteristics which warranted installation of "stick pusher"? Because it's a gunship I suspect they were testing stall characteristics in a bank. Not sure off all the original J testing however. Pete are you familiar? What is stall roll-off? Never heard of that.
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