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  1. Hehe, IIRC The second to last Fat Albert was listed as a TC-130G which was replaced with the now grounded C-130T. An exact question would have been what's the difference between a C-130G and a TC-130G, but I figured it would be similar for all variants. I know variants aren't an exact science with a versatile aircraft like the C-130, but in general it looks like my answer is basically nothing but a prefix. MHeflin, improvisation like that is why I love talking with the BTDT crowd, why reinvent the wheel? Someone's done it sometime somewhere so why overthink it? Take the story and unless the teller is full of BS the solution should work again.
  2. Thanks for the answers, it was a stubborn question that popped up, I didn't have a ready answer for it and I hate not having something solid. Haha, IIRC it was looking at some historical notes on Fat Albert that started the quest for an answer. In a perfect world, I'd know who to ask to get a jumpseat ride when the Blue Angels come through with the new J. I never got to serve but I did get to walk through one of the Flying Vikings' and I got the -130 bug. I've never flown in a plane bigger than a Cessna 182T so it seemed huge. MHeflin, I love stories like that, it makes my answer easy, the C-130 was watching over you. I tend to feel that even though it's supposed to be an inanimate object, subject to the rules of gravity and metallurgy and commanded by a pilot, there's a spark of something there that wants to do everything asked of it. Every plane a lady... Even if I'm just crazy as a loon. Been called worse.
  3. I've been searching for hours, what is the difference in equipment/instrumentation/etc. between a TC-130 and a C-130? I know the TC- is a training aircraft but is there any true difference between a TC-130 and a C-130 other than the job it has?
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