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  1. Hehe, IIRC The second to last Fat Albert was listed as a TC-130G which was replaced with the now grounded C-130T. An exact question would have been what's the difference between a C-130G and a TC-130G, but I figured it would be similar for all variants. I know variants aren't an exact science with a versatile aircraft like the C-130, but in general it looks like my answer is basically nothing but a prefix. MHeflin, improvisation like that is why I love talking with the BTDT crowd, why reinvent the wheel? Someone's done it sometime somewhere so why overthink it? Take the story and unless t
  2. Thanks for the answers, it was a stubborn question that popped up, I didn't have a ready answer for it and I hate not having something solid. Haha, IIRC it was looking at some historical notes on Fat Albert that started the quest for an answer. In a perfect world, I'd know who to ask to get a jumpseat ride when the Blue Angels come through with the new J. I never got to serve but I did get to walk through one of the Flying Vikings' and I got the -130 bug. I've never flown in a plane bigger than a Cessna 182T so it seemed huge. MHeflin, I love stories like that, it makes my answer ea
  3. I've been searching for hours, what is the difference in equipment/instrumentation/etc. between a TC-130 and a C-130? I know the TC- is a training aircraft but is there any true difference between a TC-130 and a C-130 other than the job it has?
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