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  1. well we do low level but it's not nearly as low as i've seen 130s go. i cant request airdrop school b/c our base - oh wait - doesn't airdrop. charleston would be nice, but then again, still....the 17 isn't gonna take me on missions that i wanna go on. and the SOLII guys there i see as wanna be afsoc...

    so basically, it IS possible to go straight to AFSOC, but the talons require prior 130 experience? hmm...that's what i wanted to.

  2. Hello All,

    My friend referred me to this site to try to get some help/advice on my little dilema I'm having. I am currently a C17 Loadmaster and want to get to AFSOC on 130s. I've wanted AFSOC since I joined, but got screwed out of that deal (read profile). Being a loadmaster has gotten me back to being a bit closer to getting to AFSOC, but there seems to be some troubles.

    My chief contacted AFPC again for some info, this time they came back saying there's no known "pathway" from 17s to AFSOC. They told me it'd be best to try to get Jmodels at Dyess or Ramstein and then get picked up for AFSOC. I've heard debates on where Jmodels actually were, etc. Now, I know there's other 130 models out there at different bases, Moody, DM, Little Rock, etc.... I'm not quite up to speed on which models are where and what their missions are and what the loadmaster actually does on them (hence just sitting in a bubble on gunships - love gunships, but i wanna do more than scan for threats, sorry guys - no hard feelings?)

    So my dilema is - what to do? Now I dont wanna go to Jmodels and be stuck, or go to 'normal' 130s and get stuck and not even have the chance to get to AFSOC. You 130 guys prolly know more about how things work at different bases and what my best options could be... if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know !!!


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