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    restoring antique radios


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    Flew C-130s during 1967-1970 at McGuire AFB, Langley AFB, and CCK AB.

    Also 1981-1990 at Rickenbacker ANGB. Flew A's, B's and E's for approximately 6000 hours.

    Also flew C-123K, C-141 and C-5A. Retired from the Air Force in 1996 with 30 years of service.
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    Saint Leonard, MD
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    contractor for the Navy
  1. I was the pilot on 62-1854 the day it took a hit by a 122MM rocket at Quan Loi, 17 November 1969. I helped carry Norm Thomas out of the burning aircraft; a day I shall never forget. Our squadron commander told me his survivors would want to know exactly what happened from someone who was there. Writing those letters to his parents and his wife were probably the most difficult letters I ever wrote. I was aware Norm had a daughter not yet a year old and in fact my daughter was born four days later. Norm was only 21 at the time. Living within an hour of the Vietnam War Memorial, I never miss an opportunity to vist the wall and look at Norm's name.
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