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    my father was a air force vet. and retired in the early 70's to homestead,fl.
    i spent several years as a boy on okinawa during the late 60's and returned on buisness during the mid 90's as a contractor to build the cable systems on all the military bases on oki and mainland japan.
    my father flew as a crew chief on c-130's from about 1965-70,his squadron was 21st tas @ naha.he was also a crew chief on b-52's and we were stationed on guam in the early 60's.
    he does not talk about his time flying there other than that he had to pick tree parts from the plane as they flew so low.
    i also found a civilian id that was issued during that time that he would not talk about that i guess was some air america deal.
    he was voted airman of the year pacific i think around 1969.
    any info about him or his group would be appreciated.
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  1. my father was a crew chief around that time,msgt fred stryker,did you know him? any way to get info on the beeliners from that period?
  2. my father msgt fredrick l stryker was a crew chief stationed @ naha who we joined early 68 as dependent children,remember going to naha afb as a boy,found civilian i.d. of my dad ,refused to discuss what he did. he won title of airman of the year pacific and recieved a trip to tokyo etc. around 1968-9. he did mention flare drops,he did not like them. does any one have any info on the beeliners 21 first tas? does anyone remember him? any info would be appreciated. cliff stryker
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