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    Fishing, RVing, photography, computers, and woodworking


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    Originally from Tyler, Texas, served USAF from 1970-1993, retired and live in Arkansas. Was crew chief and worked on C-130, OV-10s, UH-1H, UH-P, HH-1H, H-53, H-3, and anything else they let me get my hands on. Married, four grown kids, and nine grandkids. One hundred percent service connected disabled Veteran. I've kept in touch with a few of the guys over the years. Spent a fantastic tour at CCK, Taiwan, 71-72. Best tour of duty I ever had and sure I'm not the only one to be able to say that either. haha Only had three stateside bases and those were Hill AFB, Utah, McClellan AFB, CA, and Little Rock AFB, AR. Spent several tours overseas and loved it. Where I was lean and mean, now just fat and grey.ha I still love to fish, photography, and this new fangled thing called a computer. Would love to hear from some folks in the past that I have lost track of.
    Msgt Walters, later CMsgt Walters from McClellan AFB, CA. If anyone knows how to reach him I would so appreciate it. Also Tsgt Jerry ????, in charge of the Pre and Post Phase crew at CCK in 71. Ron Williams or Steve Carmichael from the Dual Rail and AGE shop at CCK.
    Oops, back to me, I have a little place in the country and we also enjoy RVing. Yep, got my own lake here and lots of fish to catch when I feel like fish. Grandkids love it.
    Still love a good joke and great laugh.
    For anyone that might remember me, please, let me hear from you. Always great to hook up with old friends.
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