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  1. We had this problem on an acft at Little Rock and, I could be wrong but I believe it was acft 63-7775. After the fourth time the DCM decided to have the engine removed and replaced. This ended the problem. The engine was high hours and maintenance kept CNDing the problem, but like you changed many parts. Test stand finally duplicated the problem, rebuilt the engine, including a complete new electrical harness. Never found what the problem was but the engine was put back into the system, never heard of it recurring. Hope this helps.
  2. Every time my plane would call in an IFE, my mind would be going over every inch of my preflight and I would start praying to God to get my crew down safe and not let it be my fault. Most CCs cared more for "their" crews than they let on and prayed never to miss something that would cause harm. I couldn't imagine being the CC on one of these planes that went down.
  3. All the pics of CCK and Taichung really bring back some special memories for me. Don't know why I loved this assignment so much more than any other, but it was special. My pics were taken and destroyed by an ex-wife, so all your pics are extra special to me. Thank you for taking the time to post them and keep them coming.....please. CCK 71-72 Bill
  4. I was there 1971-1972 and loved it. Would love to see more pics. Thank you.
  5. Wondering if some of the old crews are reading this and surprised at what happened between the times they left the plane and then returned to fly. How we were as proud a breed as the Fighter Jocks. There were those that called us janitors and maintenance pukes.....but little did they know...we smiled and took pride in those terms, knowing they were in safe hands. But what better feeling than the FE coming out, asking if the aircraft was ready to fly, you telling him yes and then he says to you good, I'm going in for breakfast. Yes, that is the ultimate confidence in his crew chief. The load shows up and you assist him in loading and tying down the load. That hand shake and the thank you from the load. Yes sir, the best job in the world......crew chief
  6. Hey Wayne, I live off Hwy 5 and watch and listen to our beloved Herky daily. Wouldn't trade it for the world. Being and old crew chief myself, I share those same memories. Bill Fason
  7. Crew Chiefs are a competitive lot, wanting their aircraft to be the flight crew favorite of the fleet. So guys, tell us what you did to make your aircraft special. Maybe will give some ideas to the new generation. I've seen little extras over the years that made the flight crews more comfortable. Everything from instant coffee, sugar, creamer, hot cocoa in the galley, extra padding in the seat cushions. Pencil sharpener at the Nav's station, signs on the T.O. cabinet that said, "Welcome to my aircraft, have a nice flight. Your Crew Chief. " Aircraft cooled or heated prior to the crew showing up. Extra flashlight bulbs and batteries in the galley drawer. And on and on. I know, most of the time there were no comments or thank you, but on those occasions when the crew came out smiling, called you by your first name, and said thanks for the extras. Tell us how that made you feel........... Maybe some comments from the flight crews about the extras.......
  8. At Little Rock AFB we had a plane landed by our, then Wing Commander, with write up for a "firm landing". This landing was on the one acft that had experimental glued together wings. The landing was "firm" enough that this plane went over a year no fly for maintenance. Now the funny part was the write up following the firm landing write up was, "Pilot's seat cushioned soiled and stained". No relation between the two but it gave a great laugh to maintenance. Yes the seat was replaced but the story was around for a long time.
  9. Plane landed at McClellan with write up in 781A, "Sqeeking sound in flight deck, suspect mouse." Corrective action: "Interragated mouse, mouse confessed, mouse now incarcerated for annoying flight crew." I thought I would throw up when I read this.... Emptomology troop was reprimanded but he said it was still worth it.
  10. Funny, a few years ago, looking through some of my stuff I actually found my hammmock from Nam. Showing it to my grown son, we took it to the back yard for me to show him how well it worked. After finally getting it stretched out and tied to a couple of trees, I, in my smart a.. way, hoped right into it. It seems my hammock didn't age any better than I did, because as I settled in, it broke out. There I was laying on the ground, my son doubed over laughing, saying,......"so that's how you survived Vietnam?".
  11. PACAF

    What a loser

    Ok, I might bet flamed for this, but the reason I retired in 1993 was the simple reason that I did not want to serve under a Commander in Chief, (Clinton), that had dodged the draft and protested me as a Vietnam Vet. Maybe I'm old school, but military mindset is to fight wars. Ugly as that is, it is the way wars have been won since the dawn of time. A leader like this sounds like he has less concern for his troops than the enemy and looking good for the man in charge. I take it as quite a slap in the face for all that have worn the uniform. (I have a son in the Army at this time)
  12. PACAF

    What a loser

    This guy seems to be more concerned for the enemy than his own soldiers. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't it sound as though he refers to his troops as nothing more than cannon fodder? His mission is to conquer the enemy, not worry about what is best for THEM. Let the politicians work on the peace, he is supposed to be fighting a war. I agree with you Dan, this guy should be strung up and used for bayonet practice. We need another Gen. Patton, not this guy. You want to win a war, you so over power the enemy that they no longer want to fight, ever. I guess we served in a different time.
  13. As I said, a different time. I can assure you my home station knew about it, and they had no problem with it. My acft was ready for any mission should one have come down. Wow, you are really coming off in attack mode there. Back in those days, military helped military.......sometimes we put our rears on the line for another GI, not sure if today's guys will understand that. Supervisors protected their troops, Commnanders too. The whole crew was ok with it and I called back to McClellan and told our NCOIC what was going on. Many times I have worked a straight 72 or 84 hours, no break, not left the acft, just to get it back in commission. In those days, a CC did it all, very seldom did a specialist come out to the acft and if they did , yep, CC was right there the whole time. 41st ARRS maintained one of th highest realiability rates in the Air Force. Too many times to count did the CC work 36 hours straight then climbed on the aircraft and acted as a scanner for a twelve hour mission, RTB, and worked another ten hours getting the acft to go on the next mission......We didn't get off the acft and say my twelve hours is over, going to get rest and be back later. Like I said, a different time, a different military way of life. I did my duty above and beyond and do not appreciate you attacking me in this matter. There is no sense in it. Relax, please, you are serving now, so it looks like the old timers did ok before you came along to take up the reins for us. Again, congrats on making Tsgt. Have a nice day.
  14. Well....everyone was in on it, and as for me, the maint. guy, was just a few extra inspecitions and a LOX service. Didn't mind though, not after seeing that Nav's face when he came back from seeing his kids. You're correct about the frustrations of bogus write ups. CND a write up just never set well with me and I worried about the crew on the flights after that. Pretty stressful to say the least. I was one of those CCs that was always afraid of missing something and having someone's life on my conscience for the rest of my life. Always hated putting something in the "K", but had to on some things. One thing I always did and that was to brief the next crew if I had to CND a write up. Ok, call me corny, but I was never afraid to ride on my acft for sure.........
  15. Thank you Skip, almost thought I was on the wrong board for a sec there. Thank you again.
  16. Well...hmmmm.....thank you C130CC....sometimes you try to.......... oh, never mind, ..........Actually I served from 1970 to 1993, when I retired. I tried to do something for a fellow airman and to this moment I'm not ashamed of doing that. Maybe it was a different Air Force then, I don't know. But we are all here for comradarie and I don't see any reason to be nasty or put anyone down. Congradualtions on making Tsgt.
  17. Hey Crew Chiefs, any stories about doing favors for flight crews? We were one our way from McClellan to Hickam when I heard Maj._____ our nav make a comment that his kids lived on one of the islands and it had been four years since he had seen them. He asked the AC if there was anyway we could "break" the acft and give hiim a chance to visit them. This mission was just an out and back. Honestly, this was on of my least favorite crews. Hearing this kind of touch me, and being on headset, I told him I thought that could be arranged. When we touched down I asked the AC to feather one of the engines and write it up for a runaway engine. He did and after parking I called for a B-5 stand, put it up to the engine and popped the side cowl. I told the maint. truck that the pin for the coordinator was missing on the fuel control shaft. Long story short, with the pin in my pocket, the part was ordered several times, but the wrong part came in. After ten days the "correct part came in" , I refueled and LOXed the aft and we returned to McClellan. I must say that every day someone from the crew would come by and take me downtown to eat. After returning home I found I was treated very well by most all crews. However, the smile on Maj._______'s face was reward enough for me. Any other stories you would like to share?
  18. PACAF


    My first TDY was from CCK to Phu Khat Vietnam. We landed at almost dark and RON'd. I was on top of the Acft. doing my BPO and kept seeing these "fireflies" darting past me. After my BPO and prior to my Preflt I went to the Det building for some water. Asking about the fast red "fireflies" they informed me that I was seeing tracer fire! Shaken, to say the least, I couldn't help but thank God for such bad shots out there. LOL Needless to say, the top of the Acft didn't receive a very good Preflt inspection after that. As I was leaving the Det building I heard someone say, "FNG doesn't know any better than to walk around on top of his acft! He deserves to get shot in the A--!" We left there and flew into Ton Son Nhut where I decided to take care of my inspections before dark. This was also my first time to climb up the reventment wall and sleep in the reventment wall on top of the sand. Something I would repeat many times in nights to come.......
  19. PACAF


    Hey Ray, Last I heard BB was at Little Rock, is she back in Taichung? Haven't heard that name in a long time............ahhhhh memories,,,,,,LOL
  20. PACAF


    Oh yes, I spent a lot of time in the Lucky 7 club. On a little strip just before you got to the Dozen. I think there was a little strip behind it too with clubs and that put these clubs like on a little triangular shaped island. What great memories... Thank you so very much for the pics. I know I will look at them many times.
  21. PACAF


    OH man, could barly contain my shacking hands to download those pics. I did not have these pics anywhere. Love that PCS snackbar, spent many meals chowing down in there. Thank you for posting. Crew Chief cck 71-72
  22. I was stationed with Msgt Walters at McClellan AFB back in 1979 and understand he was a Chief when the base closed down. Does anyone have any information on how I might get in touch with him again? A first name, location, anything. Would really like to contact him. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and any info would be very appreciated. Bill Fason
  23. WELCOME Bro. There isn't a better career field to be in and learn than the 431XX career field. It seemed the former CCs were very knowledgeable FEs. Not to mention that most of them treat us better. Just always look at every plane you work on as though you and your family were going to fly on the next misson and you will be good to go. I retired from the Red AMU out there myself. Actually was one of the first ones in Red when it was formed. you have a new and very exciting career ahead of you and kind of jealous I can't do it again. LOl Welcome aboard. Ret. Tsgt Billy Fason Former Red AMU Equipment manager, Resource Advisor, and general Radar Oriley of the Unit. LOL
  24. I remember in the early part of 1971 getting a 100% pay raise and was still making less than a hundred dollars a pay day.
  25. PACAF


    Just spoke to a good friend that just got back from Taiwan. Said they went to Taichung and couldn't recognize anything there! Said that it looked more liike Taipei than Taichung. Was so built up and so many people, even going all the way to CCK was now built up. Where there were once nothing but rice fields are now replaced with houses and commercial building. There was no trace left of the Dozen, Half Dozen, or Bar Town. Not to mention the cost of living was out of sight. Everything was very expensive now. I asked him to make me a copy of the DVD he made. If and when I get it I will post on here for anyone that might want to see it. Oh yes, Chang's motorcycle shop is gone and now a part of a market area. He said the market area is so big that you could spend the whole day there now and not see it all.
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