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  1. Loading them up at Lawson AAF!
  2. F106A


    Here's a pretty good site with USAF uniforms. Now granted, it primarily covers uniforms worn over the years by general officers, but the numbers (shades) are the same. Might be a fun trip down memory lane, and shake some cobwebs loose! http://usafflagranks.com/index.html
  3. I'm jumping in a bit late here, but I'll make up for it with a visual aid! I know I have a few of these ID plate photos. (It made sense to take the photo at the time!) 74-1667 was paid for with 1974 money, accepted by Uncle Sugar the day after I turned 12 years old in 1976, and I flew her 31 to 35 years later! Wow. Note the "Customer's Serial No." versus the "Accepted" date. (Different font.) They left the acceptance date blank when they put the rest of the numbers on it because, well, ya never know! Also note how it's been modernized with the scannable sticker. Most of the older ones are like this.
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    I seem to recall something I read once that the color called khaki in WWII (and possibly prior to that) was more of a green. I suspect they were referring more towards a name for a uniform (or a uniform type, like fatigues) rather than the color of the uniform. I wish I could remember where I read that. What do you all think? (Edit: Oh, I'm a relatively young, 47-year old grandpa of a 3-year old!)
  5. Ha ha! I just have to contribute to this one! "My" LMs during a flight over the Atlantic during an Iron Swap. Of course they had to keep their munchies (in the cooler) close! Mark
  6. Yea, a buddy of mine just sent that to me a few days ago. First time I ever saw it. As someone who had flown HR missions, albeit without that callsign, it really hit me in the gut. And a few other places.
  7. No kidding on the paperwork guys! I got out of the Army after Desert Storm, and although I didn't "retire" then, I got the paperwork thing down pat! I'm sort of a hoarder anyway, though not as bad as those nut cases you see on reality TV! Back in '82 before I enlisted I knew a WWII vet that gave me the paperwork speech. He served from WWII through Vietnam, and if there was one thing I got from him that stuck, it was that paperwork speech. After 28 years in active, guard, and reserve, and being married for 23 years even my wife knows not to mess with my military stuff! (She was in for a few years, so she knows the deal too!) Many thanks guys! Mark
  8. Thanks a bunch guys! I'm still looking for work, so the Lockheed lead is definitely interesting. Just the same, it's nice to have all that time behind me, and the memories are something only us vets can really understand. You all know what I mean! Mark
  9. I'm sorry I didn't post this when it happened on September 1st, 2011, but I've been off the board for awhile. I am finally retired from the Air Force! By finally, I mean I took the long road. I started in the Army back in 83, got out after Desert Storm, went Army Guard, then Air Guard, then back on active duty in the Air Force. I made MSgt in '09, and waited until my commitment was up after transferring my GI Bill to Son #1. (Whew! Wears me out just typing it!) Anyway, my last four years and change was as a Herk FE at Dyess in the 40th. All of the FEs are in the 39th or on to new aircraft by now I hear, however. I can consider myself one of the last FEs in that squadron. (It doesn't help on a job app however!) So, I'll try to start showing up a bit more around here. Just wanted to post the news. Mark
  10. AC-130 "lite"! Very nice! http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2010/11/marines-instant-gunship-blasts-taliban-pentagon-bureaucracy/ Mark
  11. Yea, we talked about that, but the AC decided she wanted the restraints. We didn't use the chains. As far as the prop low oil light, you are right. I've flown with that light on with no problems, and waited until just before landing before we shut it down. With the other problem, the AC decided to just get rid of it. Besides, it was good training for the rookie! And, me too for that matter. Mark
  12. 'F106A' -- Ah well, ya never forget your first love! So, I was expecting to have my cherry IF ride next week, but circumstances changed, and I ended up being added to an off-station, OCONUS, "other" trip that we left yesterday on. I don't really have a student, but he is a rookie, and the Chief wanted an IF with him on this trip. So we take off from KDYS, and right off the bat we get the right MLG fail to retract! We check it out, get the book out, work the problem, and the AC decides she wants us to put the gear restraints on. I had the rookie do it while I sat primary, then I would go inspect it, and we'd lower the gear. Just as he (and our FCCs) get them on we got a prop low oil light on #4!! Okay, work that issue. RPM was fine, it wasn't pitchlocked, but the AC said, "Get rid of it." Done. Now lower the gear. Everything is fine, we land with no problem, and use the full length. MOC already told us to just taxi off the main, and they would tow it. I took the landing, so I took the after landing and engine shutdown too. We give the engines their two minutes, and #1 would not shut down when the co- took 'em to ground stop! When it rains, it pours! Before we even started restraining the gear they were preflighting a spare for us, so we just jumped to it when we debriefed everyone. We're on a short delay right now, and should be home next week. What a cherry ride! Mark
  13. It was a longer than ususal road - I had a few bumps at LRAFB, including having to come home for my wife's surgery (she's fine) - but I made it back there, finished the course, and had my cert board today (with another FE from my squadron). I'm a little nervous, still wonder if they picked the right guy, but will treat this responsibility with the respect it deserves. The scheduler already has me flying with a student next week. Whoo! Thanks to all the guys who supported me, and I won't let you down. Mark
  14. A couple shots I found in my collection of loads using their hammocks. Pretty standard stuff! Mark Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Obviously this one is on the ground, but he used it in flight too!
  15. Sort of along the same lines. I remember a load telling me a story about some space-A folks that he hauled some where...some time. The story was this female dependant/spouse wanted to use the latrine and asked the load where it was. He pointed out the honey bucket, and offered to lower the privacy curtain. The "spouse" looked at the honey buckey, and said something like, "Okay. That's the passenger latrine. Where is the crew latrine? That's the one I'd like to use." According to the load, this passenger decided to cross her legs together and hold it! Mark
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