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    C-130,my future,martial arts movies,online dating,digital photography,reading,ebay business


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    Finance Specialist @ Moody AFB,GA (absolutely hated that job) from 1997 until 2003.I tried to retrain into maintenance but they wouldn't let me.I am currently managing a Starbucks and going to school to complete my degree.I have always been in total awe of the C-130 and build every model of one I can find.I am an old member from the old days of the board but made many people mad and was kicked off.I wont do it again because I want my old friends back.
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    Cincinatti, OH an okay city.People are okay.The women here are a little strange.
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    Manager of Starbucks store,going to college studying poltical science,working part time business in

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  1. lorencooper

    Dan Wilson!

    Dan is the MAN!I heared he is the best flight engineer the air force ever saw.2 people e-mail me and say to contact him for any advice i may have.He is a wonderful person.
  2. PLEASE be nice to me since other people treat me so mean and in-affordable!I have done nothing in the past 3.2 weeks to affend anyone.Just be nice.Thats all i ask.Im waiting to heaer from the following people that like me: Dan Wilson Fritz Western Bob Daly Scott Geiger They are fine men and wonderfol companions! and many others.I do have friends and am liked alot by them.Even thouw they do not list their freindship on my HerkyBirds.com profile i know a friend when i read one and they like me alot.I know Bob Woods does not want me to e-mail and Airnav is a prevert but i try to get along.Hey dudes i just try thats all.We had a problem with one of our machines today and people were like yelling at me and Tracey the store whore was yelling as well.I screamed SHUT UP and everyone just stopped and let me do my buziness!I can control myself and many ogther situateins.I am in complete control of myself and can be a very good friend.I am going to go to Mansfeld Ohio this weekend and stop in to see the squadron and there Herks!
  3. Please address my questions here.Thank you.
  4. You know guys I have feelings too.If people dont want to take me seriously then fine.I am a nice person and a nice fellow.It hurts me deeply when people treat me this way.My therapist agrees and my doctor has me on an anti-depressant so I can handle most situations and peoplr that are mean and VULGAR to me.I love airplanes and aviation and have a right to respected.The Herybirds web site means alot to me sinc e the P-3 orion web site are nothing but a bunch of perverted bullys that brung me in and made me feel good then slammed me and made a joke out of me.All I ever did was wanted to know why the engines were mounted the way the navy does it on the P-3 and they started harasssing me and made sexual VULGAR suggestiens.I was offended.I am very very sorry about my past and apolgise to everone I offended in the past.There are people on this site I respect and it wood be a good idea for alot of people to act like them.I love the Hercules and spend alot of money going to air show in order to be around them.I absoluteley cry when I think about the Hercules and how I messed up in life by not getting to be a part of its life.So please be nice and relax and we can all get along just fine.If anyone knows how I can contact Chief Master Sargent Sweeny please let me know and I will apologise to him.
  5. I just got an e-mail from a guy on this board and he said that I needed to understand that C-130(all of the variants???)crews are mission hackers.What does that mean?He seemed very mad and said that C-130 crews are not like the prima-donna clean cut manicured crews that are on the C-17 C-141 and others.He said that they probably have roll-away beds provided for them on there planes and have memberships to local spa facilitiys when they go TDY and get special TDY pay.Is this true?That does not seem very fair to me.I do remember one flight where I was a pax on a HC-130 going back to our home base at Moody.The crew seemed very uptight and tired.After the flight when i asked the flight engineer a question he told me to go figure it out for myself.When I told the major flying the aircraft(he was even smoking a cigarette!An officer!!!!!?)about how rude the flight engineer was,the major looked at the flight engineer and they both started laughing at each other then laughed at me!.So I guess I can see why the C-130 crews are nervous and stressed out.Is this a comparible thing as to what my email sender means?
  6. Just what does this guy mean when he says something like this?I for one think that whatever he is saying is VULGAR!
  7. After flying as a pax and touring the flight deck cockpit I am wondering how in the world anyone can manage to sleep on the bed that is in the cockpit.Was it made for very small crewmembers or what?The mattress on the bunk had to be designed by a massocist!One load master told me that he had a hammock in his bag.I thought he was pulling my johnson but then he showed it to me.But still I was told that the bunk was mainly used to just store bags and stuff on.What gives?What is a augmented crew?And who gets the bunk?
  8. I was just trying to be nice by offering coffee. I do not me harm and opologise to everyone from the past!I dont like the gourmet coffee myself but this is just a job to pay the bills and get by. Talk about a weird economy, some people come thru our dive-thru 5 or 6 times a day! I dont mind, at least I am getting paid but some of those people are spending up to $20 to $30 a day for some of the werst coffee we have. Oh well. Can someone help me out with my other post about pictures of the crew deck ladder area and galley? I need them for my cut away model project. Thank you.
  9. I can also handle bulk orders but need at least 48 hours notice.I know herk people are very short on pateince (especially the flight engineer guys) but i will try. Please let me know. (people can get a little whacko when it comes to coffee)
  10. I was thinking at work today and wondering what kind of coffee they provide the crews on the herks.I manage a Starbucks and know alot about coffee and was just wondering.Please tell me it is not that Hillsboro trash the goverment provides!I can provide sample roast packages for a limited number of crews.Let me know.I would provide some of the pastry goods but i have to count that stuff and put it on a list.Anyway what kind of coffee do you crews drink?By the way I can provide vacccum coffee jugs and mugs at my discount<30%off>.Let me know and i can send out gift voucher-dude coupon things.
  11. Thank you. Your comments will be taken seriously as I will be. If someone would have any pictures of the crew enterance area, steps to the flight cockpit area, and galley area I would like to have some. I am taking a model and building a sort of cut away of the interior and am scratch building small areas that the model kits do not have. The cut aways drawing that another guy posted is of alot of help.I have access to alot of pictures but I need a few of the areas I asked about.Thanks for any help.
  12. Hello, it has been 7 years since I was on a herk board and I have always missed it horribly.I am wondering if any of the old crowd is around: RC Johnson RZ Hill USHerk Dan Wilson DC10FE(i saw where he is here) Lech Muff Millen Gramps Damon Scott Geiger navewo Skip Davenport Fritz Western there are others but it has been a long time ago.I promise not to make people hate me like they did when I was kicked off years ago.I feel bad about that.
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