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    20 years Air force (1955-1975). B-47 crew chief, Dyess and Pease. C-130 FE. VN/CCK- 66-67 & 68-69; Langley 67-68 McGuire 70-71; Langley 71-75.
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  1. Just started reading the book and I am amazed how TAC seemed to have no regard for its people in those early days of the 50' and 60's. People and machines were moved around without any regard it seems to the well being of the folks. Coming from a pretty stable SAC in 1966 I found that PACAF and later TAc itself still seemed to have no regard for the airmen even until I retired in 75. Being assigned to troop carrier in the 50's and 60's had to be hell.
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    When Iwas there the first time in 1966 we flight crews lived downtown. Our home away from home was the China Night Bar. I bet from these pictures it was actually a pretty raty place.
  3. Mine would be ancient also as I went to FE school in 1966. Unfortunately due to many moves and a divorce most of my stuff was lost
  4. I guess no one has been in a J flight deck
  5. With only the loadmaster on the new 130,s and 17ns as the loan inlisted man it must be awful lonely. At least in the old E's there were two who could go to the mess hall, or movie or sightsee together when on trips.
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    Does the J still have bunks in the cockpit? Anyone have a picture of the whole cockpit?
  7. Why do nursing homes give Viagra to their male patients? To keep them from rolling out of bed. If you are depressed and think you need Viagra, see a professional.If that doesn't work see a doctor. A bagpiper goes to a funeral but gets lost. When he finally arrives there are only workers there eating lunch. He plays amazing grace and all the workers stand and weep. As he leaves he hears one worker say, "I never seen nothing like this before and I have been puttin in septic tanks for twenty years."
  8. Like you I came from SAc through Pope and on to the 776th at CCK. I am 76 now. My first goof was on my first flight out of CCK. On my preflight I noticed the back hatch was off. I asked the loadmaster to put it in when he got the door and ramp closed. Well he forgot it and so did I. On climb out the plane didn't pressurize very well. The load (Sgt Jones) came up into the cockpit mad as hell. Said he had one terrible time getting the hatch in since I had the controls on auto presssure. Oh Well. My nenmis was the nose gear lock which I constantly gorgot to remove. Thank heavens for loadmaster, he actually made a sign we hung on my seat.
  9. With the transition from E's to J's there are a couple of guys loosing jobs. Where are they going? Are the FE's moved into maintenance positions? What about the poor Navigators who are replaced by a GPS unit? What is their future? We must be talking about hundreds of men looking for work.
  10. I bet that brought back some wonderful memories
  11. Funny in 9 years of flying the "E" I never saw one without external tanks.
  12. pictures show j's with and without external tanks. Are these removable?
  13. Just wanted to make a comment on paint job on the plane. It is something else. Did you get flight crews including fe's with the planes?
  14. In the Cancer center I go to retired GI's like us abound. Before, during and after the various treatments it is great to talk to brothers and learn of their experiences. As weshould know by now Agent Orange seems to be the main Cancer agent.
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