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  1. HI GUYS when we should have the hydraulic pressure indication during starting the engine? if the pressure read zero when should i stop the start? (we have c-130 H) thank you :cool:
  2. rami

    C-130 E

    we have the following c-130 E 62-1799/62-1792/62-1859
  3. rami

    C-130 E

    recently we received 3 aircraft c-130E ,we are flying the H model .i know there is a different but i want to ask if there is a start limit for starter like the H one and the bleed air limit during start (below 22 bleed press stop start). we look at the manual we didn't found the starter and the bleed press limitation.
  4. thank you all my friends
  5. it was functional check flight for the propeller brake. we did a cruise engine shutdown but the propeller keep rotating in opposite direction
  6. hi.. can i start an engine(air start) with propeller brake is unsatisfactory and the propeller make a slow reverse rotation
  7. rami

    fuel dump

    how can we dump fuel from main tanks in case of dump pump failure or dump valve failure?
  8. the pilot should state turning as soon as he pressed the starter button to give the load master a referance to start timing for 5 sec
  9. rami


    During flight no.2 engine read higher TQ & F.F with same TIT i adjust all throttels to set same F.F ,ifound no.2 engine TIT read lower by 20c(above cross over) the maintenance crew check and replaced all thermocouples ,the problem still
  10. rami


    hi all why we can not use bleed air from APU during flight?
  11. if prop low oil light came on and all indication normal 1.what the action 2.we have to shutdown the engine prior to land
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