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  1. Had an issue today, figured I would share: Went up on the red ball, the crew showed me the following: #4 Engine: *TIT set at 900deg. *Torque was significantly higher than the rest, can't remember by how much, but definitely very much higher. *Fuel Flow was about 250-300lbs higher than the rest. Of course they showed me other things they thought may have something to do with it, taking it to null, showing me top of beta, etc. I asked if throttle alignment looked good, the FE looked over and said "yeah man it's lined up." I told them to shut it down. Originally, I planned on do
  2. The answer has already been given, but I just wanted to add a tid-bit of followup information for the original poster since he seems fairly new to mysterious engine troubleshooting: Typically, when I respond to a red-ball for a hot start, I do the following events (a few alterations if necessary): #1 Of course, shut down the affected motor, #3 engine, for example. #2 Have them start it in Null. If you get a normal start, then your Hydro-Mechanical (TD Valve) is functioning properly, since NULL takes away the engine temperature computer (TD AMP!). If it STILL hot starts, then swap TI
  3. Hey guys, Just wanted to give an update. We Y-Boxed the TD Amp, it checked good. We payed a lot of attention to the Start Limiting, messed with all the wires while doing every check; nothing flipped out. We changed the TD Amp anyway. We also changed the J3 cable connecting the Amp and the TD Valve (just in case). Ran it; problem seems to have gone away. Last time we changed parts for this problem, it stayed gone for 14 days; so we will see. Everything seems good though. I really appreciate all of ya'lls help. Ya'll are lifesavers. -Hicks
  4. Hey guys, thanks for all the information! I'll definitely be checking out the wiring harness the next time around. Anyone think the geneva loc could have a say in it at all? I forgot to mention (or just plain screwed it up in the first post), but it is typically only happening in Low Speed Ground Idle; so technically the engine is doing what it is supposed to be doing below 65% with the igniters and starting; so it is catching itself during a malfunction. I was thinking that the wiring harness could be intermittently FUBAR, actuating the geneva loc only partially (?), sending it below 65
  5. 30 March: Just had a problem with an engine shutting down uncommanded during taxi. This is not the first time this has happened. The crew took it this time because they started back up and it was fine; this engine is a problem child. If we could get some help on this we would all very greatly appreciate it. If any more info is needed just let me know. Thanks a lot! Here is some history on it: 25 Feb: #4 Secondary Fuel Pump Pressure Light Illuminated. Changed the Secondary Fuel Pump Pressure Switch, it taxied out and came right back with the same problem. We changed the switch again, a
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