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    I spent over twenty years with and around the Herky. Sewart AFB, Naha (35 TAS), McGuire, UBon (AC130), Pope AFB, Kadena, Little Rock AFB. My two tours on Okinawa are my fondest memories, along with the tour in Ubon, Thailand. Although I never had a PCS to Viet Nam, I served almost continuously at Cam Rahn Bay and Siagon from 1967 through 1970. The Ubon assignment (Dec '70 - Dec '71) was a SEA tour. I also spent a lot of TDY time to Osan AB, South Korea. I have just mentioned a small portion of my best twenty years.

    I want to visit Okinawa and Thailand via Space A within the next year or two, health permitting. My biggest handicap is diabetes (under control) and arterial blockage in both my legs. I can only walk short distances with out stopping for oxygen to replenish in my legs. The VA rated me 100% disabled recently. God has blessed my family more than I can tell or describe.

    I am so glad I discovered this web site.

    Should any one want to contact me, feel free. (501-626-5819) or email [email protected].
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    Sherwood, Arkansas
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    Retired USAF (1983) Retired USPS (1990) Retired State of Arkansas (2008)

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  1. Do we have an active Spectre/AC130 thread or forum? If so, I am having a senior moment.
  2. SIAP - Anyone interested in going to the 2011 SAFB reunion, the dates have been set: June 2 - 5, at the Nashville Airport Marriott. I plan on attending, if any other Herkybirds members decide to attend, please let me know. [email protected]. I would like to meet you. You may get all the info you need at www.safbtn.org. HighTide (Cecil W Wright)
  3. Those FU lizards were a hoot. I had a female (according to mama-son) just above my bunk and she wouldn't leave. The scream or cry sounded pretty much like "FU". I was poking at her one day and was quickly briefed on what I was in for if she jumped and suction-cupped on me. I left her alone for my duration.
  4. FYI - today's Arkansas Democrat/Gazette has a long article about C-130 upgrade at LRAFB. I think you can read the entire article at www.arkansasonline.com. Briefly the article states that the Air Force will shift 18 C130H's and form a new unit while the remaining C-130E's will be retired. Cost of maintaining and flying '62,'63, and '64 too expensive. Again FYI. Cecil (HighTide)
  5. HighTide


    JimH - may I make a possible correction. I was telling my grandson the war story after the last post. I said "Ben Tua" to him. At any rate, the incident took place at one of them "Tua's" LOL HighTide
  6. HighTide


    JimH, It was Tuy Hoa. Personal experience. I was crew chief flying with my acft, 55-0040 and I don't remember any of the crew's names. The AC took a voice vote for us all - asking if we wanted to risk the landing, etc. There was no lights on base, base was under fire and a damaged C-130 was just off the side of the runway. When they on the ground heard our Acft, they turned the Anti collision light on. Just above touchdown, the AC would turn out landing lights on, (we were blacked out also). It was the third try before we were lined up with the runway. One experience I will never forget. FYI as a crew chief, I was not on flight orders so I got no medal. Guess no one could add me after the fact, anyway the crew received the AF Cross, i believe if memory serves me correctly. HighTide Cecil Wayne Wright
  7. Ken, maybe it was you I talked to at Naha, LOL HighTide
  8. of crewing the C-133 and the C-130???? I met a C-133 former CC while on Okinawa. This was as close as I ever came to the C-133. I don't remember the guy's name but he had several horror tales. HighTide
  9. I'm not good at putting something visual into words, but here goes. Was leaving back gate at LRAFB today and there she was, beautiful as ever. The lady was turning down wind with left wing tip looking at me and the right wing looking toward heaven. Was just something special, no known reason. The rest of the way home to Gravel Ridge, I thought of pre-flights, BPOs, all day appointment at the wash rack, brake changes, tire changes, TDY memories that will last forever, late night engine runs, and on and on. Do you live near a C-130 base. I would not trade the sounds for anything. Still when the wind is right, I can her purr during engine runs at night. I think it was Haggard that said something like "even the bad times are good". I say even the bad times WERE good. What I wouldn't give!! HighTide "Wayne"
  10. I'm somewhat ashamed to tell this one but I hurt like the devil. I was E-2, just recently assigned to C-130A 54-1636 at Sewart, circa 1964. The acft was slick floor and I needed some eng oil which was in the left overhead rack. Well, I stood the ladder up by/near the overhead rack and climbed up to get the oil down. Well, I failed to secure the safety arm that keeps the ladder from spreading ---- guess you know what happened. My 5' 5" frame was well up the ladder when the ladder legs spread and i hit as hard as I ever dreamed one could and still live. I was alone on the acft and I didn't know if I would ever get up, just glad my arm(s) were not under the ladder legs. HighTide
  11. thanks to all who posted, you have rekindled a lost memory, lol. HighTide Wayne
  12. I don't recognize me, LOL. I had probably already moved to Yanabaru with wife and daughter. BTW I do remember the roommate that was with Lavesque and me, a guy with the last name Lafferty, or very close to that. You may have moved in room after I moved out, which would have been June '68. I think I see Levesque in your pic but don't recognize or know other names. Wayne
  13. I was at Naha, 35 TAS from Oct '67 to Apr 70. For the life of me, I cannot remember spending any time visiting Kadena, too much Nam I guess. Anyway, was C-130s at Kadena during this time and what was the mission. Was it the 345 TAS???? Thanks Wayne
  14. Mt Crewchief, Sorry, I will try my best to get into the Okinawa box of Pics I have. Feel sure I can find at least one to share, LOL> Cecil "Wayne"
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