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  1. Well I dont think the 7 lvl that flew with the acft is going to be much help.
  2. 16%-100% it makes it also but not as much. It almost sounds like the shut off valve is semi closing.
  3. Man, thanks! Yeah, bleed air pressure is fine. And its only #1 that does it. So man, thank you again! But heres the thing, there’s actually 2 problems; that was the first one. The second is, when we run the atm by way of the gtc and turn on the hydro aux pump, the atm shuts off. Now, we can have the aux pump on and then turn on the atm and everything is perfect! Also, we have to reset the atm gen every time we turn it on. With the atm on, before the aux pump is on, freqs and volts are good then, obviously, the pump is turned on, atm shuts off, no freqs or volts. weve exhausted all our ideas. were thinking maybe the aux pump?
  4. Here is what we did. 1st ran system as normal. From 15% to 0% flaps squealed. Took cannon plug off of shut off valve and still made noise.Valve is denergized open and energized closed. Next took cannon plug off diverter valve still made noise. All are new parts on the panel. Next bled system the non perfered way by just cracking b-nuts and draining into a bucket still squeels. Shot wires ohms amps and volts are good. Thinking mabe the shut off valve was getting stray voltage and semi closing it. I know this is bad but I used a test light to check for amps. No you arent suppose to use it but hey got to use what I got. So at this point I got the reps looking at it and they are confused also. I want to change the shut off valve but when I ran a jumper wire from the utl side it still squealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man 130's have weird things happen to them. Oh and sorry about talking trash on other posts
  5. Who has the best aircrew discrepancies?
  6. Well sorry about what I said. I guess I joke to much I will keep it nice for now on
  7. Will not give you cash after proper pin number. But seriously ATM kicks off line during #1 engine start. Lost volts, freqs, and load. Tried to reset but still no volts freqs or volts. This is for E&E any help would be cool
  8. Why the hell would you check flaps for yaw????? And why would you check your assemertry brakes. When was the last hard landing. Ohhhh by the way the flaps wont move if the brakes are set. Man I want to work with you guys I would be like a god!!!!!!!
  9. Man I hope you are not serious about this. And if you are serious are you an engine troop that is due orders? If so what is your name so we can turn you down here!!!!!!! Fo the love of god how do your airplanes fly?????? Holy shit
  10. Try to use it when it starts to get cold. Makes no sense to run it when it is hot outside
  11. Well we canned the reducer 3 times got a new one and did the same thing. Took out the whole panel and swapped it with another. I know what you are saying about the vibrations. I help my flashlight on the shutoff valve and it was going crazy. Vibrating hard enought to turn my flashlight off. So I shot the wires for voltage/amps/and ohms. Both booster and utl side match on point. We are submitting a 107 to have someone come out here. Feel bad though. Tried to fix it but these planes do weird things.
  12. It is the booster side diverter panel. I know what you are saying about the elev pack but you can hear it squeal from the flight deck with headphones on and engines running. rudder pack and elev pack are out of the question.
  13. I think this would be in your GE maybe not to sure though. Maybe a Job Guide.
  14. Well sorry to say but the stearing control valve will just hide your problem. It will come back in do time. Have fun with the repeat and recur. I would have started with mabe hummmmmmm bearings or nose tires or just tightend it up and let it go. I love you
  15. Need some help with a problem. Ran flaps to 15% stopped for a sec then ran it to 0%. Got a very loud squeal only does it when ever it wants to. changed out diverter valve press reducer rudder boost pack check valve. Checked electrics and line vibrations. It comes and goes we can run for a hour and it wont happen but then you run for 15 min and it cant stop. Also bled lines of air. WTF :confused: Any help would be great
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