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    C-130 crew chief, Aero Repair Specialist, Job Controller and Flightline Expeditor 1969 thru 1985 when I went to B-52's. Stationed at CCK AB (374th TAW), Little Rock AFB (314th TAW) and McClellan AFB (55th Weather). TDY with LRAFB to Clark AB during Vietnam evacuation and numerous time to Mildenhall RAF with Bravo Squadron.
    After 15 years on the Herk, transfered to 416th BMW Griffiss AFB NY on B-52G's and KC-135's until retiring in 1989.
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  1. I just joined this group and was chatting with Sam about this Herk. I was stationed at CCK and worked on "Patches" as an AR Specialist along with a sheetmetal guy for about a week trying to patch the over 300 holes and seal them well enough for the return flight to depot. If I remember correctly, a C-130 pressurizes until the safety valve pops at 14.1 inches of mercury, but the most we could get was something like 3.5. Those were the days........ working a minimum of 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week if we were lucky and the only sleep we got was riding on the "Smoker". I was stationed there right out of tech school in late 1969 to 71 and then again 74 until closing in 75 (total of 27 months) all in the AR Shop / Crash Recovery / Transient Alert. I was the crew chief on "Big Sam" & "Big Bertha" (the 50 ton LeTourneau - Westinghouse crane. The Taiwanese guards never messed with me when I would take it for a spin around their side of the base and runway. I have pictures to dig through and will post when I find them.
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