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  1. Here's a Blind Bat bird on the ramp at Ubon in 1/70:
  2. Two Air Force Crosses in one flight, for starters. See Spare 617.
  3. I'd also swear that I saw a Marine bird at Danang in the '71-'72 time frame with an open forward cargo door.
  4. We had 61-2367 (3712) and 61-2372 (3717) at CCK in '71 to '73. Both had sealed forward cargo doors, but the hand pumps were still in place. Come to think of it, i think other early "E" models had the pumps installed, although the door had never been installed. Aircraft assembled by a committee?
  5. I was a LM out of CCK at the time (776 TAS)(usual AC at the time was Ted Applebaum). One of those FEs was a crew chief someone talked into acting as a scanner. Crew was in the middle of a Micronesia run, IIRC - lots of stuff out to little islands with no runway to speak of, and not much adult supervision. The AC had 2 high-time CPs he was supposed to be building hours on for upgrade. Decided to fly that day on his own, to his detriment. The NAV opted out also, but was apparently in ops watching. IIRC, the FA's father was a retired O-6 of some sort.
  6. I was in mid-shuttle out of NKP when the crash happened. I was LM on the bird that was diverted to Clark from a one-time-flight back to CCK to pick up Col. Iosue after he got through explaining all this to the 13th AF/CC. Quiet flight.
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