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  1. original config was dc gen on atm on all A\'s. I was told due to the mission requirements the tcto to convert to ac gen on atm was never c/w. we inherited the birds from Miniapolis AG. the ftd instructor we had told us when they aquired the aircraft the aft cargo door and ramp were still riveted shut and the paratroop doors were also locked down. hope this helps.
  2. Fritz I worked the A-II at Rickenbacker in th 80\'s. The start inverter was installed on the 8 birds we had assigned. We had a rote to Panama sent a bird down country bare base with no power units. During re-fuel a problem developed and had to get out of dodge,at that time the only ac power to power the boost was the engine generators. the inverter was added when we got home. the inverter was afdapted from the C123-k nesa windshield heat system it\'s output 5000 va. hope this helps S C
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