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  1. For Matt'sGirl: I was the Navigator on the 1348 with Matt when we were involved in the Midair. I have had some contact with your brother, sent him a brief description of the accident. We are trying to get a reunion together for the remaining crew, also the crew of the P3 if I can locate them. I am involved with an annual "Coast Guard Air" reunion, and we were hoping to get the crew together at our next get together in May in Reno. Several have passed away, I am still in touch with our Co-pilot Kirk Colvin. If you would happen to hear from any of the other crewmembers could you steer them onto my email, [email protected]. I was so sorry to hear of Matt's passing. We lost a great one. Roger Schmidt, ATCS (retired)
  2. I thought I had checked in some time ago, but can't find me here. Retired Coastie Roger Schmidt, ATCS (ret)
  3. I'm a new guy here, but I was the Navigator on the C130 that had the mid-air out of Midway. 12 Dec, 1971. any questions, drop a line. Coastiechief
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