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  1. Hello again, I am a Model Builder and a Historian, I would like to Write an article about the evolution of the C-130J Program beginning with the Lockheed C-130SS Stretch STOL proposal from 1977, the Hercules on water Proposal C-130 STOL Seaplane, The Credible Sport XSC or YMC-130 program and the HTTB, High Technology Test bed, NC-130X, program. Can anyone supply me with any photos or documents that contain information about the above mentioned programs? If you cannot supply this information would you be so kind as to provide the names and or places I should write to or obtain such? I have already done a through literature search on the above programs and found very little written about these programs. Thank you for your Time and Efforts. Sincerely Tim Rathbone
  2. Thank You for the answers, I am only asking this a a model builder. I intend to build a 1/72 scale model of every Special Mission C-130. I knew about a number of Programs when I worked at LAS Onatrio, but these were the only programs I could not find anything written about or special external features to build a model of the Birds. So were there any external modification? or did they appear as Slicks and all of the wizo stuff was on the inside? Like small antennas etc. I know someone screwed up a skin panel on one of these birds and I remembering hearing something about hanging some kind of gear out of the Paratroop Doors or Cargo Ramp either Cameras or collection gear. Something like Senior Scout or comfy Levi. Thanks Tim
  3. Hello, Can anyone tell me anything about the following programs: Rivet Duke Rivet Kit and Rivet Acorn. Without revealing anything still classified. Are these just slicks with elint gear etc. or variations of Pacer Coin Comfy Levi etc. Thanks Tim
  4. Hello Everyone! I would like to inform you that a DVD of the program you watched on "Destroyed in Seconds" is available. (As an aside, it was also used on the program "Shockwave".) This DVD is soon to be available on eBay, however for now, it is available only directly from me - please see info below. Thanks, Tim FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Credible Sport Productions announces the release of the Project Credible Sport DVD. Watch this recently declassified test footage at home! Have you ever seen a C-130 take off like a Harrier VTOL? Now you can watch a C 130 take off in less than 50 feet of runway and attain an altitude of 100 feet in the process. "Iran Hostage rescue STOL Aircraft, code-named Credible Sport, is in DVD format and ready to purchase. The story includes Lockheed, C 130 Hercules aircraft, the USAF, SuperSTOL technology, and a surface to air recovery mission from Eglin AFB, Florida, to the Persian Gulf in an effort to rescue American hostages. This includes actual test footage of modified C-130’s." This 43-minute DVD includes everything you saw on "Destroyed in Seconds" plus all the footage of Project Credible Sport, AC 130 Gunship, Project Apollo and Combat Talon for only Twenty-Nine Dollars and Ninety-Nine Cents ($29.99). That low price includes the cost of shipping & handling. Payment can be made by money order or certified check; payable to Credible Sport Productions. Please mail your money orders/certified checks to: Tim Rathbone, President Credible Sport Productions 330 Pomeroy Avenue, #3 Pismo Beach, CA 93449 Order Form: PROJECT CREDIBLE SPORT DVD Please send me ___DVD(s) @ $29.99 each. Enclosed is payment for ___ DVD(s)s which totals $______. Mail DVD(s) to: Name ____________________________________ Address___________________________________ City ______________________________________ State______ Zip_______________ E-mail address (optional): ________________________
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