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  1. I appreciate what i have recieved so far. in a few days i will try to post up a few pictures of the model we restored. from what i was told, the model was originally a wind tunnel model and was given to VMGR 152 at one point with the paint scheme and tail number of aircraft 149808. it was in rough shape to say the least. the pods had fallen off and half the props had blades broken off from falling from where it hanging. even the belly of the model was scared and the nose and wing tips had dents and other disfiguring marks. it will be some time before i am able to finish the history brief as my partner in restoration is currently forward deployed and he forgot to give me any of his research about a/c 808. I understand there is alot of history all around for the 130 community, but we are trying to to build up an excert of 808 in particular due to the relavance of the model's tail number. wish us luck and keep sending us all your great stories about BOB!
  2. I am compiling data and stats and some personal stories if possible about the KC-130F model ser. 149808 for a historic brief sheet to present to the Marine Corps museum that will accompany a 6' wing span model of the aircraft that a fellow Marine and myself restored. The info gathered will aid in the concideration of the acceptance of the model as an offical donation to the museum.
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