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  1. This stupid thing will not do the samething twice. We get working right then it does something totally different. Today our flt deck PAC started working in manual but wouldn't work in auto then our cargo PAC drove to cold but when we tried to drive to hot nothing would happen shot the plug and now we have 28 volts on both hot and cold. The fi tells us to connect a temp control test box and it seems that no one knows where to get one has any one used this tester

  2. How is it going? I work at the depot and we are have a issue that has stumped us so I'm hoping someone out there has had this issue before. On a 65 model our temp control wants to migrate back to cool when pressurizing in manual while driving hot. We have changed the temp control valve, flow control, thermostats, control boxes, and pressure controller but nothing seems to fix this problem. We can only get to three inhg on the ground. The electrics shop has shot the wires and says they are good. We put a 240 degree thermostat in the unit and the unit wouldn't drive hot so we tried it with the thermostat still hooked up but pulled out of the unit and it drove hot. The engineers say that the 240 thermostat is the right one for that model. Can anyone shed some light on this subject for me. Thanks

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