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  1. changed a valve housing and pitchlock ops ck good. thanks every1 for the input.
  2. rpm topped out around 104-105. and when installed a new pitchlock reg. and the were aligned and tightend properly. Do you think it might be the speed bias motor?
  3. Doing a fuel governing pitchlock check. And can't get prop to pitchlock. changed out a regulator assy. but didn't work. Anyone got any ideas?
  4. I cant get rigging down. My engine rigging checks out good. But when I get up to the input lever part I cant get reverse to line up. Only flight idle and take-off will pin. (alpha shaft pins in F.I. too) Reverse is always about half a hole off. (short of hole) I have tried everything; adjusting my 6 1/2 in. rod, clevis(spread), and input lever micro adjusting ring. Oh by the way this is on a new prop. I don't think it is my VH either. I'm out of ideas now. Does anyone got any ideas?
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