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  1. Hello, Please check posting under Builder4life as I have some more information about the crewmembers, and loadmaster A1C David M. Bloomberg, and flight engineer instructor MSGT. Orville Gearheart. Any replies would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Steve Merrow (805) 358-6416
  2. Hello, My name is Steve and I served in the Air Force at Little Rock from 1970-1974 with the 62nd Tactical Airlift Squadron, and I knew A1C David M. Bloomberg as a good mutual friend in our loadmaster section along with CMSGT Eddie B. Creer as the head loadmaster NCOIC at the time. Yes this was a very long time ago, and I will never forget it as long as I live. David Lived across the hall from me in the barracks, and we flew together several times across the country, and TDY's on the same C-130E's out of Little Rock to Rhein Main AFM Germany on one occasion. I remember David well and have a lot more information that I need for my memoirs, and detail of the incident report if you have it. Thanks for your information and hope to talk with you soon. I have waited a long time to be able to discuss this with somebody out there.. Steve (805) 358-6416
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