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  1. There was one survivor in the Nov 12th 1971 crash. Ten of the 11 crew members were killed. I am the sister to David Bloomberg who did not survive the crash. Interesting enough I later on became a crew chief on KC 135's and on a fighter. While stationed at Nellis I worked with Doug Grimm who is Dave Grimm's brother. If I remember correctly Doug told me that Dave had actually survived two aircraft crashes.

  2. Daddio can you contact me please? I'd like to say hi to your mother.

    I am David Bloomberg's sister, Lynda Bloomberg. I had the accident report many years ago but decided maybe it was time to put it in the past. There was one survivor but I do not know who it was. My brother was one of the Loadmasters on the flight. He was not originally scheduled to be on that flight. I was 8 when this accident happened. I later in life became a KC-135A crew chief and eventually was transferred over to a unit at Nellis AFB. While at Nellis I ran into the chief who had been the assistant crew chief for this aircraft. He said it had not been scheduled to be flown that day and they did a last minute tail number swap. The aircraft crashed as he was coming onto the base for work. The assistant crew chief's name was Fred Coates.

    My email addy is [email protected]

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