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    I was a crew chief in the Air Force and then crossed trained to computer repairman in the minute man missile system.
    Joined the Air Force in 1967 and went in the delayed enlistment program. Entered basic training at Amarillo AFB Texas, the sent to Sheppard AFB for tech school. Got out of tech school in March of 1968.First base of choice was Lockbourne AFB since I live in Toledo. Who knew I would get it. I remember most people telling me when we filled out the dream sheet that there are no 130s in Ohio.
    Did 2 TDYs to Europe, First to Mildenhall England in 1968 and then to Rhein Mien in 1969. During the 1968 TDY, we flew to Bodo Norway, Wheelus Africa, several places in Germany, Turkey, Greece to name a few. Had to come back on a differnt C130 than the one I was assigned to. 55-0015 had a cracked wing and they had to patch it to fly it back to LAFB.

    My next assignment took me to Anderson AFB, 54 WRS, 1969 to 1971, assigned to the typhoon chasers but spent better than 6 months at Udorn Thailand doing other efforts to support the war.

    Returned to Richards-Gebaur AFB, 1863rd Comm Sq.1971 to 1972. Nothing exciting other than the picture posted on this site shows me sitting on top of 57-0524 during a static display open house.

    Next assignment was CCK AB, 1972 to 1973, on a C130E, still spent a lot of time in Thailand and did the klong shuttle one time, I didn't realize there were so many bases in Thailand. Also hit a few spots in Viet Nam.
    During the POW exchange, I did get to go to Hanoi to drop off the North Vietmanese delegation. Also toward the end I did get in to Phonom Phenn to drop of a 105 and grenades.
    On my return to the states, I was forced to crosstrain to computer maintenance and finished my time (9 years active duty) at Ellsworth AFB in the Minute Man Missile feild.

    Planes I crewed were:
    55-0015 - Lockbourne AFB
    56-0522 - Anderson AFB
    57-0524 - Richards-Gebaur AFB
    63-7864 - CCK AB Taiwan
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    Holland Ohio
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    32 years at Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, now retired. Also completed 11 years in the ANG 180th

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