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  1. I'm helping my husband file a VA claim for exposure to Agent Orange in Thailand. He was an aircraft mechanic for the 54th. Weather Recon Squardon at Anderson AFB, 1969-70 with occasional TDY to Udorn, Thailand. He needs to prove that his daily routine of numerous cigarette breaks took him from the flight line, as you could not smoke near the AC, to the perimeter fence. If you were there in Thailand and remember something similar, we'd like to hear from you. ThanQ
  2. Hi Guys, My husband, George, was with the 54th. WRS in Guam during 1969-70 and flew TDY to Udorn, Thailand during that time as well. I have been attempting a VA claim for him over the past months and that has taken me all over the Internet, searching for pertinent photos, stories and, of course, fellow-vets. When I stumbled across this dedicated C130 website, I thought perhaps I had hit the mother-lode. As it stands, I'm still stumbling in the dark but at least found this "post" page so it's a start. If you find this post and were with the 54th.WRS, I'd love to hear from you. Thank you, Mrs. Curious
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