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  1. Short answer is yes.

    I was stationed at Lockbourne from ‘68 to ‘69 and as our “A” models were sent back for refurb and updates, they came back fitted with “CPI” mod. (Crash Position Indicator)

    if you look at the pictures in the “picture gallery” under my name, Tom C, you’ll see pictures to confirm this.

    I hope this is what your looking for.


  2. When this event happened, my squadron 39th TAS out of Lockbourne was TDY to Rhein Main.

    That particular day our C-130A (55-0015) was on our way to Bitburg Germany to pick up a mini-gun to take to Wheelus for sighting.

    When we landed in Bitburg, our navigator informed us that he heard chatter from the Paris tower asking an aircraft to identify itself.

    Our navigator also told us he had heard that a C-130 had been stolen from Mildenhall.

    As we were waiting for the loadmaster to load our aircraft, I saw two F-4s take off.

    I’m not making any conclusions about what I saw that day. But found it interesting.


    3rd wiper (assistant) crew chief.

  3. This may be slightly off topic and I apologize in advance.

    I was a crew chief on 56-0522 at Anderson AFB Guam when one of the Blind Bat “A” models came through and broke down for a #1 engine change. Since our engine shop didn’t have a spare engine ready, they “K” balled the engine from my plane. (sorry my engine was white on the bottom with green and tan sides LOL)

    And guess who they made to stay on the line until it was done? Since I was engine run qualified I had to complete the ops check.

    Sure was neat to set seat at night with all the instrument lights lite and looking out to my left thru (what I assumed was a heads up display) glass. This took place sometime mid summer of 1970.

    Our three aircraft “A” models were involved in “Operation Popeye” Two were always in country, Udorn, while one was back for repairs and maintenance.

    Tom C


  4. During my time on Guam (Sep 1969 - Mar 1971) I was assigned to the 54 WRS and the buzzard emblem was on our barracks near the "greasy spoon" 

    If you check out my photos in the gallery under my name Tom C, you'll see the emblem on our barracks.

    Tom Como


  5. Jim & J,

    If you look at the gallery of pictures under my name "Tom C" you'll see I posted some pictures of some of the Silver Birds in a revetment next to where my plane was parked at Udorm. The picture was taken sometime in 1970. I was with the 54th Weather Recon Squadron out of Guam for operation Popeye.

  6. Dutch,

    This is from a paper called "Det One Report" yearbook supplement 374th Tactical Airlift Wing. Did July 4, 1972

    Tom C. Tsgt USAF (ret)

    The aircraft was "865" (63-7865) I crewed 63-7864 while at CCK.

    I was also an assistant crew chief on 55-0015 while at Lockbourne, crew chief on 56-0522 while on Guam, crew chief on 57-0524 at Richards-Gebaur and the at CCK 72 - 73


  7. Hi all, I'm new to the group, and was amazed to see some of the tail numbers of planes I crewed.

    I was assigned to Lockbourne (39th) right out of Tech School '68 - '69 (Sheppard) and was 3rd wiper (asst crewchief on 55-0015)

    Richard Short was crewchief and a guy named Padilla was second in line.

    Went to Guam from '69 to '71 and crewed 56-0522 for the typhoon chasers but actually spent enough time at Udorn Thailand for a short tour.

    Also saw mentioned 57-0524 RC130A photo bird. I was Crewchief on that on at Dickie Guber (Richards Gebaur AFB Mo '71 to '72) It was used by 1863rd for communication squadron for critiquing towers for proper lingo.

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