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  1. Sorry, but that's unacceptable. I can and now have the proof of all my TDY rotations into Cam Rahn, Tuy Hoa and Bangkok. Since my last posting, I have received written notarized letters from former crew members that I served with. These documents, along with my VA, Vietnam service connected disability papers, plus several photos and movies will provide a preponderance of proof to correct my DD214. I strongly suggest to others who served at CCK and spent time, boots on the ground in RVN to take action to have your DD214's corrected and updated. After all, you earned it. DJ
  2. Looking for Travel orders with my name on it, one order is T121. I was assigned to the 776TAS from March 67 to July 69. I am trying to get my DD214 corrected. The Air Force did not always track our TDY assignments, thus those CRB and Tuy Hoa rotations didn't make it to the DD214. After a lot of reading and research I have come to realize that most of us that served at CCK and made those trips are missing that very important information. Our VA system won't give you an Agent Orange test/evaluation in less you can prove boots on the ground in Vietnam. Also looking for the following airmen Adley Eisen Doyle Frazer Raymond Ryan fist name? Last name Warren Thanks in advance Dale Johnson Belchertown, MA
  3. Ron, I was in the 776 TAS from March 67 to July 69. I remember some numbers, hopefully my memory won't fail me. 62-1792, 64-0515 I am also looking for some fellow airmen Doyle Frazer Bob Saley &&& Warren, his first name escapes me Adley Esin formerly from PA Ray Rayan
  4. Hi Chris, Thanks for the welcome. Brought tears to my eyes. Remember we were told or recommended not to wear our uniforms once we reached the states in fear of being retaliated by some hippies. What a change. I fly all over the states doing en routes for the FAA. When I am at a terminal waiting, I have bought my lunches for the troops. I also make it a point to greet and shake each military person entering the A/C that I am flying on. It's an honor to have that privilege.
  5. Thanks GiZ, I amending my 214 by filing out the DD215. Hopefully it will work. I have a ton of pictures and super 8 movies to prove i was at these places. One of my old buddies, Don White is willing to write a letter for me as he went through the same hoops. Don and I were in the 776TAS at CCK. Dale
  6. Ken,thanks for the response. I was in the 776TAS. I am working on getting my DD214 amended by filing out DD form 215. I need to dig out my old pictures. I have a huge collection of Super 8's that need to be placed onto a DVD. I remember a lot of the guys, but again need to view the old pictures to get the brain going again. Bob Sailey pops into mine. Don White, whom I have worked with since CCK. I work for the FAA and Don is a self employed DER. Don is willing to write a letter testifying that I had boots on the ground in Cam Rahn & Tuy Hoa. All of us need to get the Agent Orange test done and placed on your records. I live in Belchertown, MA
  7. This is my first visit to this site. I am glad to see the support of a brother. I pray all goes well and that all his paperwork falls into place so that he may receive his compensation that he so well deserves. I also need help in the paperwork department. I just recently left a VA hospital in MA for signing up for VA health care. My DD214 does not show any Vietnam time at all on my DD214. I now understand that I need to fill out DD215 for an adjustment. I was assigned to the 776TAS CCK for March 1967 to July 1969. I was a crew chief on several C-130-E's. My DD214 does not show any Vietnam time. Being so young back in those days, my record keeping didn't exist. I did spent multiple TDY rotations to Bangkok, Cam Rahn Bay and Tuy Hoa while flying g several sorties out of those locations in country. It appears our administrative folks forgot to insert our Vietnam service on several DD214. I look forward to hearing from others who have suffered from this omission. Dale Johnson
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