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  1. Have many dont want to overwhelm you but here goes... In the E-model section: 63-7779, 69-7818, 69-7829, 69-7830.. In the H-model sections: 74-1659, 74-1668, 74-1676, 74-1690, 74-1692, 74-2070, 74-2071. In the N/P model (i think) 69-0986

    I think you mean 63-7818,63-7829,63-7830 and the P 65-0986


  2. As 168FCC says he's 100% correct. again I have seen NLG trunion bushing bad. This seems to be the last resort..other that changing the entire NLG, BUT usually all it takes is a tire change with GOOD tire bearings.If bearings were not seated correctly this may cause the problem as well. It's a trial and error procedurs.

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