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  1. Casualty list as follows... I stand and salute: CREW Lt. Col. Benjamin H. Barnette Maj. Michael L. Jones Capt. Richard J. Wagner Ssgt. Patrick Cypher Sgt. George Moreau Amn. Howard K. Watkins PASSENGERS: Navy PO2 Daniel Hartke, Sinop Army Sgt. John Saunders, Sinop Army PFC Keith H. Dowdell, Sinop Army SP4 Carl Carr, Erzurum Msgt. James C. Webster Ssgt. Jimmy Ashburn. Det 16 SrA. Mark Hunstadt. Det 16 SrA. William Lancaster 11 Det 192 Mrs. Karen Lancaster, his wife A1C. Hans Hasenberg Det 16 Paul Johnson Joseph Johnson..sons of Msgt. And Mrs. Joseph Johnson Det 47 I will never forget...33 years later.. That day remains a turning point in my life....may they Rest In Peace!
  2. Tis is true because I was aming the first responder.. Allegedly lightning strike caused wing shear and Herk spun into side of mountain and came to rest in pieces in riverbed below..this Occurred 3:05pm 14 March 1980.. Left indelible marks on my soul.. Lost some great friends aboard.. All 18 SOB perished...
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