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  1. Check this....Our entire crew fell asleep over the Indian Ocean on the way to Cocos Island. It was an 8 hour leg from Thailand and right in the middle of the Ocean. Co-Pilot was at controls. A/C had feet up and I was in the bunk. Nav had dozed off with his head on the desk.. Engineer woke up first and freaked out when he saw co asleep. Lucky we didn't over fly it but were close. Nav had to figure out where we were and get us back on course...thoughts of Air Malaysia..I think a late night in Bangkok had something to do with it...

  2. Thanks, Graywolf..Records ordered and waiting to see what they hold. I am going to involve Steve Womack, my US Representative. There are so many of us that were stationed in Okanowa, Taiwon or Clark AFB that are all going through this same process. Maybe he can help with a shortcut in getting us our Vietnam recognition. His sister worked for me for 15 years.

  3. This has probably been discussed on the board many times but I just discovered the MB. I have hearing loss and rigging. I saw my doctor yesterday and she said my loss was consistent with what she has seen for flight crew. She is certified by the VA to do VA connected testing. She said I should file a claim and they should have the DB data for my job code and the C-130...Any one got any suggestions or advice...My job code was A60750..C-130 Loadmaster..

    Many engine running off loads in Vietnam but I wasn't really there so I can't claim that...YET!!


  4. Thanks for the quick response. This aircraft accident had a major investigation. How can I find accident reports. We were hauling Cambodians from training in Nah Trang to Bien Hoa where the tire explosion and fire happened. We were moving them from Phnom Penn to Nah trang then on to catch boats on the Mekong back to Cambodia.[ATTACH=CONFIG]4492[/ATTACH].

  5. I am just starting this process. I have photographs of me in SGN and at a helicopter base on a bladder mission. Can these be used as evidence for boots on the ground. I was in 345th at CCK from early 1970 til fall of 71.[ATTACH=CONFIG]4491[/ATTACH]

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