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  1. Thank\'s Vince for the info ... Much appreciated ! The background on the patch behind the cobra is white ?
  2. Did the unit\'s at CCK all have Party Suits ?
  3. Thank\'s for sharing the scan of the cobra patch ... This would be worn on the flight suit or on a party suit while at CCK ? RJ
  4. Hey Guys .. Is this an E Flight related patch ? And if so if it is CCK era for the flight ? [img size=593]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/53a251900.jpg
  5. Thank\'s for sharing these 2 pic\'s ! RJ
  6. Does anyone here by chance have any pictures of any Party Suits worn by C-130 crews during the SEA and Vietnam era ? Probably a long shot but thought I would give a try .. Thank\'s in advance .. RJ
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