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    USAF Active C-130E Crew Chief Forbes AFB Kansas then C-130 E Crew Chief at CCK(345 then E-Flt/21TAS till Sept 1974. Worked as Flt Engineer on C-130A Late1974 to Late 1976. Worked in Aviation and attended Chinese Languange School in Taiwan Dec 1976 to Sept 1978.Worked as Air Reserve Technician C-130 Crew Chief (1978 to 2007) Willow Grove Air Reserve Station,PA till Civil Service and Reserve Retirement. Present working Carson Helicopters in Perkasie,Pa
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    Electrician/Avionics mechanic at Carson Helicopters Perkasie,Pa
  1. I remember one C-130E Acft I crew'ed before I joined E-Flight . I was with the 345th and assigned to 62-1804
  2. Tail Numbers for 21st TAS at CCK (E-Flight) C-130E Aircraft were 62-1859 , 63-7868 , 63-7879 , 64-0497 , and 64-0515
  3. EFLTatCCK


    C-130E 63-7879 E-Flight Bird Tom Warhya's Acft CCK/Clark
  4. EFLTatCCK


    C-130A 54-1640 913TAG/327TAS (NR) Willow Grove ARS,PA early 70's
  5. EFLTatCCK


    C-130A 54-1638 913TAG/327TAS at Willow Grove Pa early 70's
  6. EFLTatCCK


    C-130A 54-1632 ACGS at Forbes AFB,KS
  7. EFLTatCCK


    C-130A 54-1633 (NR) 913thTAG/327TAS at Willow Grove,Pa #1 Eng Change/Charlie Row
  8. EFLTatCCK


    C-130A 54-1633 From 913thTAG/327TAS (NR) Willow Grove PA TDY to Mc Guire AFB in the early 70's
  9. EFLTatCCK


    C130A 54-1634 from 913TAG/327th Willow Grove PA shown at Mc Guire AFB early 70's
  10. EFLTatCCK


    C-130A 54-1636 913TAG/327TAS (NR) Willow Grove,PA early 1970's
  11. EFLTatCCK


    53-3135 at Ellington AFB,TX possible assigned to the 705th TATS "A" Model Training School.
  12. EFLTatCCK


    C-130A 53-3135 NR 913th TAG /327TAS at Willow Grove,PA early 1970's
  13. 913thAG is also there with the C-130J schoolhouse. This includes the 327TAS that used to be at Willow Grove Air Station in PA but got BRAC'ed in 2007. Former 913th/327th Reserve Air Tech member WGARS,PA
  14. 345th moved to Yakota after Kadena then the 345TAS got swaped to Keesler where they are now..
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