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  1. Hi, I am a 2 enlistment reservist out of Niagara and served as a mechanic and loadmaster on C 130 A's and E's. I am disabled and cannot work, receiving SSD. I have gone to the VA to request assistance several time but only to be turned away. They treat me like my service didn't count for anything...I met today with a VVA service rep who was helpful but doubtful if I would receive any help. My diabetes came on me in the time between my enlistment and was not discovered by USAF at any physical. I was set to go to Flt engineer school but was denied as I was 2 pounds over weight. I requested a medical examination but was denied. My diabetes is very sever with little or no feelings in lower legs and feet and I was blind for 1/2 yer due this disease. My vision is slowly returning. My contention has always been that I contracted this disease from residual AO that was spilled during transport on these aircraft. Both the A's and E's at Niagara saw service in Viet Nam before coming to the unit.. I was not a 2day a month wonder but was a reserve bum that worked the reserve as a regular job ...hoping to secure an ART position. The problem is that they didnt cut orders but put me on man days which shuts me out from any assistance. I am looking to hear from anyone so situated or has any info that may help me. I am so tired of being marginalized by the AF and now the VA. Thanks guys1
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