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  1. you got it right, that's just for the patch. it is too much money, but it's gotta be done, I have no other way of getting the patch.
  2. Well, I got something back. they are going to charge me 50 bucks to digitize the photo into a format they need for their machine, then each patch is going to be around 25-30 bucks. Once I get this all ready and lined up, I'd like to ask if anyone else wants a copy while I'm ordering, it'll just be exact cost (I'm eating the 50 bucks, I had to do that anyway). I doubt anyone else wants to pay 30 bucks for a copy of it, but I'll offer up just in case.
  3. Sonny, I did find out doing some digging that he was mainly assigned to 55-0045, long since WO
  4. Thanks, you guys are awesome. I have a question already though... as far as the lettering, would it have said Naha Okinawa, or Naha AFB, or Naha AB? I'm trying to make sure I get this right. I've sent that patch photo off to a custom shop, I'm dreading what the quote is going to be when it comes back, but it's gotta be done. I have a bad feeling this is going to turn into one of those bulk purchase things with a minimum required. I'll spend some time this week browsing through the forum user photos and see what I can dig up too. Thanks again for the info, you guys are very helpful.
  5. Hello, i just signed up so I could make this post, I've been on a long hunt for something that eludes me still and I hope you all don't mind me using your forum to seek assistance. My father was stationed in Okinawa, 35th from around 65-68-ish. I don't know a lot about his service, he isn't real talkative about himself, never has been. But what I HAVE heard is him complain for 40 years about his damn hat that he lost. I've been on a mission for the last year to try and have one made for him, but the details are sketchy and I don't want to ask him because I want it to be a surprise. Here is what I know: He was part of the 35th TAS, a mechanic of unknown level. I know he volunteered occasionally to go on night flights to drop flares, but I don't think that was his regular unit, he did it for extra pay or something. The hat as I've heard him describe it was green, had a patch on the front, one side of the hat had letting that said C-130 and the other side I believe said Naha Japan. I remember him saying they made them stop wearing the hats they had made and they had to remove the patch or something instead, then they later made them stop wearing those as well (something about identifiable labels). The hat he lost was the original with the patch. I'm sure I don't have the details exactly right, but I am hoping that someone here has a photo of the hat that I can use to get one made as close as possible to the original. I've never seen the hat personally, he lost it sometime when I was a kid and I guess I never paid attention. I'm attaching a photo for your enjoyment and if luck comes my way, someone may recognize it and be able to help me out. it's not a picture of the hat though, unfortunately. Dad is back row, second from the right (with the arrow my grandmother defaced the picture with). Thank you all for the forum access. Dad is starting to play with the computer a lot so I'm hoping he's not already a member here and see this.
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