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  1. Bob, I am in the San Antonio area. I live close to Randolph AFB and every year we host trainee's from Lackland AFB for the Operation Home Cooking. It's a rewarding experience for our family. Thank You for your service to all the men and women that serve and have served our fine country. Rick
  2. Thank each of you for responding. I am trying to get all the information I can for my kids and grandchildren. I was 14 when this all happened and my mom and dad were divorced. I didn't get to see my dad near enough because he was stationed out of Texas. I have always heard that the plane took off, bounced on the runway and crashed and burned in the side of a cliff. Thank you for the information and I will do a request from Randolph AFB for more info. Rick Maas
  3. Bob, I am a new member here because, as I was doing some research about my father's crash in Guam I found this forum. Seems that you have a very large group of very qualified sources. My father was on 62-1841 that crashed on 4/20/74. I have never really found out much about the crash but I saw where you said there was pictures in the gallery. Anything or anywhere you can direct me for more information would be great. I do enjoy reading all the stories and hearing a lot of wonderful men and women talk about the birds they flew. Thank you, Rick Maas
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