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  1. Knew SRA Pam Meyers. She was my crew chief during rotation to Europe in 1981 while on runs in and out of Berlin for a week. She was a great person and knew her job. All of enlisted were put into one large room there in Berlin so we all hug out together when off duty. She held her own. Was very sad when I heard of her crash and I wasn't a very happen person when the cause was released. Totally unnecessary.
  2. "Red" Alfred and I went through instructor school together. We were both at Dyess, me in the 773 TAS and he in the 772 TAS. Good friends. I had pcs to 1 SOS at Clark AB and was returning from deployment to states for exercise. At layover in Guam, read about the accident in Stars and Stripes newspaper. Reading above posts, info is basically correct from what I heard. A no drop called with a short racetrack and hurried checklist contributed to forgetting the locks. Red tried pulling the simul handle on the left locks, but due the force applied to the locks from the extraction chutes, locks would
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