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  1. Mike,

    I think I remember you! At least I should! I was in the 35th. all of 1968, part of 67 & part of 69. I was third wiper under Willard and Lafferty on 56-475.  I member your last name and Rice's.  Maybe we can refresh each other's memories. Keep posting and check my gallery out. I have quite a few Naha and Ubon pics you will recognize.

    Ken Carlson




    1. Mike Chiariello

      Mike Chiariello

      Ken, how great it is to hear from you. I'm sure I saw you, on the flightline, or even at the chow hall etc. I  went through all your pics. Awesome picture taking! It was great to look and think about the time I was over in Okinawa. Some of the pics. looked familier, and I enjoyed seeing your gallery. I do have some photos that I will put on the site. Most of mine are of slides. Not sure how to print them out, and send to the site. I do have some black and whites of 56-480. I was sad to see that 480 had crashed over in Nam not to long after I came back to the states.

      Do you remember, SMSGT Andy Haskel? He was a dandy if you recall!! He loved to pick on me and others, at roll call after a night on the town. My tour at Naha started late 66 and ended 68. I spent a few months at Cam Rahn Bay AB, Daung Maung AB Bangkok and Ubon with the blind bats mission. I still have my blind bat hat in the attic someware. Wow time has flown by! I would love to hear back from you when time permits. Stay in touch.



    2. Mt.crewchief


      Mike, of course I remember Haskel, I mentioned his name in my last post on the forum. Was 1st Sgt Galloway there when you were there. When his wife moved over from the states Gary Levesque (frog) and I took over his room in the barracks. It had just two beds, carpet, a sink and even a refrigerator!  Some of the guys that lived on my floor were Ed Cielacki, Harvey Snitzer, Ron Hensely, etc. John Chase was a good friend also and he was later with me at CCK. We both got consecutive overseas orders. So much for the "dreamsheet"!

      One guy I have been looking for is Bruce Lawler. He and his wife lived just out the back gate when she joined him. Very nice couple.Do you remember Ruffian a black NCO who ran the dispatch truck? How about Sammy Seymore? Keyes? You know , I just remembered a bunch more guy I have pictured  from the 35th. I will have to dig them out and post them. Most of my pics. are also slides. I use a slide and photo copier that works great, and you edit them on your computer. I will let you know what is etc. If you are interested. Also, keep an eye on the forum for my posts -- I am on a roll!😁



    3. Mike Chiariello

      Mike Chiariello

      Ken, My memory has shrunk to the size of a BB. Unfortunetly, I don't remember any of the names that you have sent. I'm sure I have seen them at some point on the base at Naha and even spoke with them at some point. 

      I would like to mention a few names that I do remember. Mike Bell, Jim Feldmen, Randy Davis, Jim Dayhof. I went through boot camp, tech school and Okinawa with them. Can't remember if all of them followed me to the 61st TAS at Sewart AFB in Smyrna, TN. after the tour at Naha Some did however.

      Regarding Msgt Haskel. WOW!! what a coincidence that was. I read your last post about you and Haskel as high school buds.. Did you see the pic of him that I posted in my gallery? I thought he was a SMSGT. around 1967 at Naha.  You mentioned that he was a Msgt. Again my mind has shrunk!

      I would like to know more info on the slide process that you use. Keep sending posts when time permits.


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